Temperatures Plummet while Turbines Scar Local Environment

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From jennifermarohasy.com

June 12, 2023 By jennifer

I attended a conference over the weekend in Gympie in the once beautiful Mary Valley. Many of those attending were concerned about ridgelines being excavated for wind turbines, and thousands of hectares of once wooded valley being covered in solar panels. All of this as part of state government-endorsed plans, created without community consultation, and exempting foreign investment from local environmental regulations.

Of course, the myth is that the impact on local environments, including waterways, is justified because this is about saving the planet from catastrophic climate change.

Except climate change is natural. My research (published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, including GeoResJ Vol 14, pgs 36-46) shows there would have been global warming over the last 100 years irrespective of human activity.

The extent of global warming over the last 100 years is insignificance when compared to the 120 metres of sea level rise that occurred at the beginning of the current geological epoch, the Holocene, and before that etched into the rock face at Noosa National Park is evidence that 125,000 years ago sea levels were 2 metres higher than they are today.

Temperature have already begun to plummet, including in the Mary Valley. To be clear, climate change is real, and mostly natural.

Temperatures have been measured at Gympie, in the Mary Valley, for more than 100 years. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s annual mean maximum temperature for Gympie never showed dramatic warming.

Like most temperatures for locations across northern and eastern Australia, maximum temperatures for Gympie over the last 100 years show decadal-scale variability. Over the last few years the annual maximum temperature has already declined by more than 2 degrees, making a mockery of ‘net zero’ that claims we must keep temperatures within 1.5 degrees of warming.

Dramatic warming in maximum temperatures is not evident in any long continuous temperature record, as measured in a consistent way, for any single location across this planet. Rather the climate catastrophe is a contrived artificial simulation; a consequence of the industrial scale remodelling of historical temperature series and the recombination of thousands of these homogenised records to support the myth that we have a global climate catastrophe.

It is the elites who are being rewarded with fantastic profits at huge cost to local communities including in the Mary Valley. If you don’t believe me read the 2021 report by Bank of America, a multinational investment bank and financial services holding company, that explains the crusade against climate change is going to cost $150 trillion over 30 years with nearly $5 trillion in annual investments. That is a lot of money, that could be spent on other things.

To be clear, these trillions of dollars, already fuelling global inflation, are being provided as a stream of taxpayer, and debt-funded finance (much of it guaranteed by superannuation funds) to already fantastically rich entrepreneurs to build massive wind and solar monstrosities that will leave a permanent scar on the lives of people in once picturesque landscapes including in places likes the Mary Valley.

Economist Alan Moran explains how it works in a recent article in Quadrant magazine. Lawyer Tom Marland explains the scale of the projects with plans to cover many hundreds of thousands of hectares of once productive farmland across Queensland with solar panels, and then there will be new transmission lines to join them all up, and so much concrete including for the wind turbines. Tom mentions some of this beginning at 10 minutes into this new 16 minute PRA YouTube: