Climate propaganda going full tilt

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By Joe Bastardi 

Group of people screaming in megaphones at scared guy

The recent bout with smoke in the northeast of course had all sorts of attention. It is rightful of course to emphasize how bad it was.  But because of the way things are today, the explanations immediately became void of reasoned examination of cause as the cry of you know what was pushed by people that  have no idea what they are talking about in weather or climate but are willing to use it for their other purposes.

The latest is the record-warm global temperature, an exercise in ignorance if you ever wish to see one.

What is wild is the explanations reveal why the opposite, if not true, needs to be considered.

Of course, people who know little about it push it. If they did know something about it then they would make sure they framed it correctly.

And while there are elements of truth, it is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Consider the  comment from Climate Psych  ( the person has a PhD, I guess it is in climate psychology).

I have usually talked about the climate collapse coming in “years not decades” But maybe we are at the point where we should be talking about Months.

90 north to 90 south is where this is taken, that’s the whole planet.

Well look what is going on south of 60 south

that looks darn cold does it not?

But look what contribution it makes to the temperature above

It is well warmer than average

Now suppose we looked at the planet without Antarctica, still frigid, but as we know is happening in the polar region and is linked to WV,  adding major amounts to the skewing of the temperature. Again look at all that red

look at the fact that its still dang cold

But once north of 60 South,  its almost a wash

then we get to this wonderful piece of information from a group called Yale Environment 360

Somehow Yale does not understand that CO2 is not cooling the stratosphere but the natural expansion of the troposphere would.  But there is one monster problem


IT IS COOLING ALRIGHT BUT OVER THE POLES!  And that is a function of WV, not CO2.  Again extra water vapor means more warming where its coldest and driest.  CO2 is not “trapping heat” over the arctic regions.  Increased WV due to natural oceanic warming is impacting those areas more. So it’s a distortion. But it runs opposite the trapping hot spot theory over the tropics that has been pushed. That is supposed to be from the level of nondivergence ( 500mb) to the top of the troposphere, not in the stratosphere  A warming stratosphere over the tropics is the opposite of what has been pushed

Its amazing what I am seeing today come out, They actually use things that should cause questioning of their own ideas, and claim it supports their ideas.

Our field is not going to survive in what it’s meant to be ( and I am not talking about everyone getting on social media or TV) with this lack of questioning,  No science would. I don’t care if it’s medicine, geology, or astronomy.  If you simply run roughshod with a set of ideas that don’t have people questioning especially when they would indicate another set of ideas, if not right, then at least worthy of attention, should be considered, the only place you are going is into some kind of scientific abyss.

Between the smoke out and the other things, it’s been a rough week. And now NOAA has declared an El Nino ( as if what we knew was here now, is). And the hurricane season is on us. And it is going to get hot in Texas.  Lookout!

All this is nature. And all will be portrayed as a sign of a catastrophe for what is a climate optimum


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