Good Climate News: Wildfire Trends Have Fallen Off Significantly Over The Recent Decades

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From NoTricksZone

By P Gosselin on 10. June 2023

Wildfires, very much in the news recently, have tapered downward significantly over the recent decades, contradicting the doom and gloom spread by climate alarmists and media. 

German science editor Axel Bojanowski posted a chart at Twitter depicting the annual global total wildfire carbon emissions in metric tonnes since 2003:

Wild fire emissions have trended down globally over the past 20 years. That’s good news, which however we never get to hear in the mainscream media.


Mr. Bojanowski also posted data on Canadian forest fires, where here as well we seen no alarming overall trend at all:

Also climate science critic and alarmism debunker Tony Heller also recently showed that wildfire acreage burned in the USA has fallen dramatically since the early 20th century: