No, BBC, Tornadoes Are Not Getting Worse

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By Paul Homewood

The BBC are up to their tricks again!

According to the video:

“Greater warming is creating more severe storms, making tornadoes more likely to form on any given day”

As we know, the facts say the opposite – there are now fewer tornadoes than in the past, and on average they are getting weaker not stronger:

The video also makes the claim that tornadoes have been shifting from the traditional Tornado Alley of the Great Plains, to the South East, where more people tend to live in mobile homes, and are consequently are in more danger. (It’s funny how global warming always seems to make things worse!)

In fact the Tornado Alley thing is a bit of a myth; the South East has traditionally been the most affected region for tornadoes, particularly Mississippi and Alabama:

Notice that he compares the last decade with the 1990s. However the full data for Mississippi since 1971 shows a completely different story and a declining trend, while the 1990s wasan unusually quiet decade:

Meanwhile in the US as a whole, there is no evidence of increasing death tolls, which rather ruins the BBC’s attempts to imply otherwise:

Another complaint will be winging its way!