Surprise: Hurricane Activity Reconstructions Show Greater Storm Frequency When Globe Was Cold

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1985 — Typhoon Pat — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

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By P Gosselin on 4. June 2023

Climate science gets violently shaken up! Sediment core analyses show hurricanes were more frequent when the globe was cool, during the Little Ice Age. 

Germany’s “klimanachtrichten” (climate news) here reports on surprise findings concerning hurricanes frequency. It turns out hurricanes were more frequent during the Little Ice Age, when global temperatures were a degree colder, than they are today.

This finding contradicts the climate science claim that global warming cooks up more hurricanes.

The data show the opposite to be true.

The active Little Ice Age

Despite all the drama and hysteria we hear from the media every time a hurricane makes landfall, hurricane activity reconstructions using sediment cores show that hurricanes were indeed more frequent during the Little Ice Age and that their activity follows decadal cycles – as reported by The Conversation, November, 2022:

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Hurricanes were more frequent during the Little Ice Age than they have been over the past 100 years:

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Colder periods associated with more hurricanes.

This would tell us there’s much more complexity behind hurricane formation than simple the CO2 mechanism in the atmosphere. It’s much more complex than what alarmists scientists, governments and media claim.

In fact, the results contradict what we’ve been told all along. To the contrary, warmer periods don’t mean more hurricanes and it appears that colder periods are associated with greater hurricane frequency.