Porthmadog Weather Station

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By Paul Homewood

Ray Sanders makes this comment:

On a serious note, would it be possible to bring some form of legal action against the Met Office with regard to them knowingly producing inaccurate/(false) data?
As an example this from them regarding weather station site standards
Now take this quote from their blogpost ” This spring we saw 25.1°C at Porthmadog on 30 May. ”
The Porthmadog Station is actually in Morfa Bychan and is so atrociously sited it is probably less accurate than my car temperature sensor when parked on the track at Brands Hatch.
Here is the station from google street view (you may have to zoom in to see it):
This is clearly a ridiculous site surrounded by trees and in a totally inappropriate area being completely unrepresentative…AND THEY MUST KNOW THAT!
Therefore I deduce they are knowingly providing false data. Surely that cannot be permissible within their remit and can be legally challenged.


Porthmadog often appears in the lists of high temperatures, partly because of its location in NW Wales, and it appeared again the other day. It also brags the highest February temperature in Wales, set in 2019.

But as Ray points out, its siting is poor to say the least:

The Met Office’s rules are quite clear as to the standards required for weather stations:


Are the Met Office aware that Porthmadog does not meet these standards? If not, then how many others are equally poorly sited?

And if they are aware, then why are they still allowing it to be used for climatic purposes?