“We have no reason to be against nuclear energy other than prejudice & stupidity” – Dr Patrick Moore

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In Part Two of the BizNews interview with Dr Patrick Moore, one of the co-founders of Greenpeace and the most prominent figures in the field of environmentalism, Moore makes a compelling case for nuclear energy.

Moore shares why he was silenced on the topic of nuclear energy during his years at Greenpeace and provides excellent insight into both the misconceptions around the risks of nuclear energy and why nuclear energy is not inherently evil in any way.

Moore argues that we should conserve the most precious fuels we have, which are fossil fuels, by replacing them with nuclear energy where feasible.

A brilliant perspective on the world’s current energy dilemma and the best way forward.


00:00 Dr Patrick Moore on nuclear energy

01:49 On speaking in South Africa

02:22 On Germany giving up nuclear energy and going along with Net Zero

03:28 On Net Zero being a death wish in disguise

04:42 On those enforcing Net Zero and the World Economic Forum

05:34 On silviculture in Europe

06:26 On natural gas and fracking

07:07 On the beauty of natural gas

08:00 On the carbon dioxide we get from burning fossil fuels being the backbone of planet Earth 1

0:45 On the bans and virtual criminalisation of nuclear energy 12:43 On the longevity and durability of a nuclear plant

13:08 On the comparison of energy generation

13:32 On those countries who aren’t following Net Zero regulations

14:43 On nuclear energy being the safest and longest-lasting energy source

15:27 On electric vehicles

16:40 On the “Greens” not being very green

17:07 On his advocacy for nuclear energy being heavily criticised by Greenpeace

19:11 On nuclear energy being lumped together with the negative aspects of nuclear science

20:08 On carbon dioxide being inherently good for the Earth

21:29 On fossil fuels being labelled as dirty energy

22:36 On the issues we can address to respect the Earth more

24:06 On the life we have now and its ability to flourish