Disrespect of the weather a major driver of the climate agenda

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By Joe Bastardi 

One of the big ironies in my life is that I always had a knock against me from always seeing the extreme event even if it was not coming. So I would tend to over forecast minor events and then hit big events. It’s probably because I studied so many big storms of the past, I secretly longed for the chance to forecast them.

Be the guy that hit the 38 hurricane or nail the D-Day forecast. Countless other examples where those that came before me left me in awe of them, and the events they forecasted. 

There is a natural tendency in all of us to reach beyond our grasp, but without rational thinking, it can lead to error.  I think in a way you see that today, people are so comfortable they want to do something heroic. What is more heroic than elevating yourself to the level of a God and changing climate?

One of the senior people at AccuWeather once compared me to Dave Kingman, a homerun hitter with the Mets ( He knew I hated the Mets, and loved the Yankees, so it was a double whammy). He said I struck out a lot but if I hit a home run it was memorable. I would like to think that I don’t strike out as much as what that person was saying.

I mean when you play every day you’re going to have a lot of times when the weather is going to beat you.  If you fight globally in this field every day, then you are going to take hits.   But one of the things I think that has happened is that because I’ve looked at the past and studied it so much I respect what the weather is capable of doing and indeed what it should do from time to time.

So yes I look for it.  I really respect people before me that nailed the forecast for events.   ( I am still trying to figure out how my dad told me 2 days before a Jan 1964 storm in College Station it was going to snow. I was a hero in grade school when it happened. See I like being a hero too)

I think one of the big problems with the climate change agenda, and I think it’s a part of everything we’re seeing today is a disrespect of the past. Somehow we’ve all gotten the bright idea that whatever came before us was much less challenging than what we’re facing today. And so the link is, let’s just tear down or ignore, or better still don’t even look at what happened in the past, and elevate what’s going on today. 

Trash the past and cancel it.  This is an exercise in arrogance, ignorance, and narcissism. How so? 

What makes you think that given what was going on before, you would’ve had the right answer?   I don’t care what it is. It is easy to judge based on what you know now. ( or  what you don’t know in many cases, just watch what goes on when Johnny, on Jesse Waters, interviews people.)

The kind of storms that hit the United States in the 30s 40s and 50s, if happening today,  would have people thinking some kind of atmosphere apocalypse is coming. As it is they have successfully portrayed it as that now, when in reality if you know what happened, you are bored a lot and looking for trouble figuring it has to come back. 

This may not be true due to the nature of the warming, more in the coldest, driest areas in the cold seasons than further south. Total energy increases but the gradient decreases, leading to no increase in total extreme weather, and in fact as often as not, a decrease.  But if you don’t know that and you’re being told that it’s worse now, and you are responsible for it, what are you going to think?

This is going on across the board. Most of the people today judging our forefathers, apparently ignore the fact that they are capable of stating their opinion because of the system that they’re trying to tear down set up by those forefathers. And why would they think that? Because they think they are better than the people that came before. In reality, the ease of our system has probably led to a diminishing of character.

Character is revealed in response to challenges. But what if there’s not truly a challenge? What if the challenge actually is to control the populace in a way where people smarter  (or think they are) are the ones that are in control?

The first thing you have to do is create false chaos, a strawman if you will, and make people try to come together to overcome it. Think about the 1930s. Outrageous heat.

A depression. The gathering of actual threats to our way of life which we were forced to respond to. Do you think that anybody really thinks about that? And if they do, why would they dismiss and tear down the very system that gave them the life they have today?

My real problem is I respect the weather and I think a lot of people that just use the weather for their own purpose, disrespect what it has done, can do, and will do.

The weather is not a means to an end in the world I grew up in.  IT IS THE END. A great teacher to be sure, and one that I am blessed by the fruits of my labor, but its a stand-alone passion for me,. So you never burn out, Its like that  Billy Joel and Ray Charles song. 

It is my Baby Grand. It is what I have when I have nothing.. The one thing I was given by God that will be with me till the day I die and have loved the longest.   Perhaps I show it too much respect and I understand what it’s capable of doing so I look for more (another Billy Joel song, I  Go to Extremes).

But one meteorological misrepresentation after another is appearing now in the offensive you are seeing in the climate change agenda. It is because the weather is a means to an end, and the end has nothing to do with the weather.  People are donating money to news agencies to push it.

They realize that it’s now or never because there are some people starting to catch on to what’s going on.  I cannot address all the misrepresentations that are out now.

Perhaps some of you see me on Twitter saying that this storm or that storm is going to do this, then hammering away when it does it and climate change gets blamed.  The Bay of Bengal cyclone, Typhoon Mawar, or for instance, the recent situation on Mount Everest where 17 people got killed this past month apparently unaware that it was going to be much colder than normal. ( there were a record number of applications to climb it.)

So on May 9th this went out from us.

Not the Time for Hike up Everest.

showing the coming cold and now, what happened

So the  Guardian News apparently completely unaware, then responds after the fact with this:

Headline from that agency: Climate change to blame for up to 17 deaths on Mount Everest, experts say


To which I say

Experts?  They don’t look at the weather until they can use it for deception.

Why were they not out warning people before it was going to be that bad?

When someone only uses something when they need it rather than out of love for it, and if you love something you’re not using it for your own purpose, you’re using it because of your love for it, one should be suspicious.

And when you dismiss all that came before you, or ignore it, or believe that somehow the other you need to create something and amplify it to enhance your own stature, its arrogance, ignorance or narcissism.

The easiest thing for me to do would be to say yes it’s getting more extreme. Extreme weather is good for my business. People don’t come to me for partly sunny and pleasant. But it is simply not true. They are ups and downs, good and bad, Of course, you need to dismiss Eccl 1:9.

What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

That is another aspect of all this, the denial of the higher power and by that denial elevating man’s own stature. Then of course the smarter the man, the higher his stature. The natural order is chaos and then a restoration of order. That’s what storms do. That’s what storms in our lives do.

But there are enough real challenges out there without having to create Strawmen in an effort to destroy individual freedom and create a top-down controlling environment. 

If you respect the past and understand where you stand now was built on what happened yesterday, enabling you to be able to reach for tomorrow, then you can form a view that enhances progress, not destroy it.


  • Joe BastardiJoe Bastardi
  • Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting.
  • He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore.
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