Just Stop Oil’s Hollywood Patron Has Holiday Home in Ireland That he Jets Off to “When the Going Gets Tough”

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From The Daily Sceptic


A multi-millionaire Hollywood director who funds Just Stop Oil has a holiday home in Ireland – 5,000 miles from Los Angels – that he jets off to when he needs a break. The Daily Mail has more.

A Hollywood director helping to bankroll Just Stop Oil has been accused of hypocrisy over his lavish holiday home in Ireland – 5,000 miles from his Los Angeles base.

Oscar winner Adam McKay, whose films include The Big Short and Don’t Look Up, is one of a group of multi-millionaires behind the Climate Emergency Fund.

The Beverly Hills-based fund raises cash from its mega rich supporters and distributes it to ‘disruptive’ activists, including handing almost £1million to help Just Stop Oil wreak havoc in the U.K.

Mr. McKay is a director of the fund and has donated over £3.2 million to it to support “recruitment and training” for groups including the British activists.

In a webinar last year he pledged to help Just Stop Oil in any way possible and was even prepared to be arrested for their cause.

Despite his financial commitment to environmentalism the director, who owns a £6 million Los Angeles home, has described how he holidays in his eight-bedroom second home in rural Ireland.

A 2020 Architectural Digest interview with Mr McKay and his wife, fellow writer-director Shira Piven, described how “when the going gets tough” the couple “take refuge in their 12-acre getaway in the Celtic countryside”.

Details of his holiday home emerged as Just Stop Oil zealots were last week branded “absolute morons” for permanently damaging a sustainable garden at the Chelsea Flower Show by hurling orange powder paint over it.

The group were also criticised for a series of go-slow marches in London this week which caused mayhem for commuters – and on one occasion led to a workman being handcuffed by police as he tried to move them.

The Climate Emergency Fund launched in 2019 after the three founders’ multi-million-pound homes in the exclusive Californian ocean-front city of Malibu nearly burnt down in bush fires which they blamed on climate change.

These included Aileen Getty, the granddaughter of billionaire oil tycoon Jean Paul Getty, and Rory Kennedy who is the daughter of Senator Robert Kennedy.

The third founder, investor Trevor Neilson who is listed as owning a £2.1 million home in Malibu, said they wanted to support “disruptive activists” after becoming disillusioned by the slow approach of traditional environmental groups.