Shock claims: Brain-eating amoeba could spread due to climate change

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Copenhagen. Do you also like to sleep late and worry about spending too much time in bed? Then you might be interested in the new study by a team led by Kelton Minor from the University of Copenhagen, which was published in May 2022 in the journal “One Earth”. The scientists found that climate change is leading to a decline in sleep duration among people worldwide. Older people would be particularly affected. In warmer climates, sleep loss per degree of temperature rise is highest. However, when using air conditioners, the effect is eliminated. A classic case of adaptation. In cold regions you heat in winter, in hot regions you cool in summer. In this respect, the higher meaning of the study remains unclear.

The German Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Neurology calls on politicians to take action in a “Berlin Declaration”. Their fear is that more people could become mentally ill as a result of climate change. With every degree of global warming, there would be a 0.9 percent higher risk of mental illness. But can this be true? Even today, the basic climate in the countries of the EU is fundamentally different from each other. Between Finland and Greece, the average annual temperature varies enormously. If the organization were right, the southern European countries would be psychologically sicker than the northern European ones. Is that true? A 2018 study by the EU Commission and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) could not confirm this, with Finland leading the way in mental illness. With a share of 18 percent affected, Germany was above the EU average of 2016.17 percent in 3. Perhaps the fear of the population climate alarm also plays a role here.

In September 2022, Der Spiegel broadcast a Hollywood-style climate shocker and headlined: “Brain-eating amoeba could spread due to climate change”. Oh my. What’s going on? It’s about the dangerous single-celled organism “Naegleria fowleri”. As a result of global warming, the heat-loving amoeba is now appearing in parts of the United States where it is not normally found, such as the north and west. What is not mentioned in the Spiegel article is that the amoeba must have been similarly widespread in the USA 1000 years ago at the time of the Medieval Warm Period. Because back then it was just as warm as it is today. In between, North America cooled, and the Little Ice Age developed.

And here comes Hollywood Part 2: A group of researchers from the “Université de Montréal” fears that global warming and glacier melting in the Aktis could create new foci for the outbreak of pandemics. When life spreads there, previously isolated viruses meet increased carriers. Although the researchers admit that the risk is quite low, this did not prevent them from placing the dramatic scenario in the title of their article and press release.

Drama also provides a study from the University of Hawaii. Many diseases would become more frequent and serious with climate change. Humans would hardly be able to adapt to the danger, because the transmission routes and pathogens are too numerous. This is really encouraging and somehow explains why so many people have a cracked psyche. How did Camilo Mora’s research group come up with this ominous result? They evaluated 830 studies that examined the influence of extreme weather events on the spread of diseases. It should be clear that the scientists in the case studies are likely to have competed in a kind of outbidding competition for the scariest medical consequences of climate change: Only then will you get media attention and further research funding. Those teams that did not find any serious effects of climate change, on the other hand, remain unnoticed by the public. And due to a lack of drama, there is no longer any project support. Thus, the self-reinforcing drama system becomes a problem of truth-finding and public opinion.

The pro-government Tagesschau also likes to blow the climate alarm horn. In October 2022, the news program almost poetically headlined: “Climate change makes you sick from head to toe“. The environmental physician Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann explains that heat waves lead to increased mental illnesses, such as diseases of the nervous system, Alzheimer’s or multiple sclerosis. Once again, there is no indication of how the countries in the hot regions of the world deal with this. Without calibration at today’s temperature differences, such claims remain a pattern without value.

The topic of health. Magnus Klaue published an opinion piece in Die Welt in September 2022 entitled “Why so many people don’t shower anymore”. The article begins like this:

In the past, a long shower was the perfect way to start the day. Today, the non-bathing movement is gaining influence – it considers showering to be narcissistic and harmful to the environment. She is supported by Robert Habeck. But that has a dangerous effect.”

Klaue criticizes the authoritarian moralization of everyday life by the Greens. Washing is not only about disinfection, but also about a pleasant feeling that moral guardians now want to make the citizens mad.

Australia. Two researchers from the Universities of Melbourne and Sydney point out that the health sector is responsible for 7 percent of Australia’s CO2 emissions. If global healthcare were a country, it would be the fifth most powerful CO2 emitter in the world. Appliances and medicines account for almost half of Australia’s health emissions. In the UK, 5 per cent of the healthcare sector’s greenhouse gas emissions come from anaesthesia and asthma ventilators.

There are some ideas on how greenhouse gases can be saved. In many cases, however, the quality of medical care would be at risk. Nevertheless, the Australian Medical Association and Doctors for the Environment are calling for an 80 percent reduction in emissions in Australia’s healthcare system by 2030 and full carbon neutrality by 2. As an Australian, you should think very carefully about whether a disease is getting in the coming years. It is not unlikely that individual patients will have to be sacrificed here in favor of global climate rescue. Population protection takes precedence over individual protection. We’ve heard that somewhere.

A report from November 2022 from Norddeutscher Rundfunk fits in with this. Doctors warn that climate change could worsen asthma and allergies in children. As a result of climate change, significant pollution in the air can be measured, for example by ozone or particulate matter. That sounds a bit strange. Especially in winter, the proportion of particulate matter increases, among other things, due to the burning of supposedly climate-neutral wood instead of clean natural gas. So asthma is not necessarily getting worse because of climate change, but because of climate change mitigation measures.

Hawaii. A group of researchers at the University of Hawaii believes that climate change will lead to more rainbows. By 2100, there would be 5 percent more days with rainbow appearances. One of the scientists involved is Camilo Mora, who apparently specializes in bizarre climate change topics. We had already mentioned him on the show in connection with climate change and diseases. Mora’s group evaluated images from the social Internet platform Flickr for the rain study. Very creative.

What you can do in Hawaii, you can do in Germany for a long time. Climatologist Otto Klemm from the University of Münster explains that foggy hours at Lake Constance are decreasing due to climate change. The reason is that warm air can absorb more water vapor than cold air. In addition, air pollution has decreased. Since there are now fewer condensation nuclei, there is also less fog.

On August 4, 2022, the Berliner Morgenpost surprised with a curious story. The title reads, quote: “Iceland: Why climate change is causing volcanoes to erupt faster”. Unquote. Now climate change is even said to be influencing volcanoes. Isn’t that a bit presumptuous?

If you click on the link today, you will get the error message “Unfortunately, the article you have selected cannot be found”. Has the Morgenpost withdrawn the article? Maybe, because at first glance the story sounds really crazy and unlikely. Thankfully, there’s the Wayback Machine, which stores previous versions of web pages. There we can still find the article and find out how this is supposed to work with the volcanoes. Author Oliver Stöwing refers to a study by the University of Miami that claims that volcanic eruptions could increase due to climate change. More intense heavy rain is expected to soften the volcanic slopes and lead to landslides. The depressurization should make it easier for underlying lava to erupt. However, a group of researchers at Northeastern University doubts that climate change and glacier melt play a significant role here. The melting process is simply far too slow.

Let’s stay with the glaciers. In the Alps, Switzerland and Italy are currently fighting over a mountain hut. When it was built in 1984, it was still clearly on the Italian side. The national border runs along the watershed. However, due to the retreat of the local glacier, the watershed has shifted in the meantime, so that the hut now seems to be on the Swiss side. A real curiosity in which climate change has led to a shift in boundaries.

Speaking of the ski lodge. In October 2022, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung provocatively headlined, quote: “Climate change and energy crisis: Skiing before the end?” Unquote. A case for Günther Aigner. For some time now, he has been using fact-based analyses to counter the anti-ski propaganda. It’s worth taking a look at his channel.

Air travelers are also expected to feel the effects of climate change. British scientists assume that flight turbulence will increase due to climate change. This was revealed by jet stream climate simulations by Paul Williams, an atmospheric researcher at the University of Reading. Perhaps the stormy weather forecast is intended to increase the fear of flying in order to spoil the desire to fly for as many people as possible?

Interestingly, jets play the main role in a climate protection project. The aircraft are to spray microscopic aerosol particles at an altitude of 13,000 m to create a slight shading effect. This could keep global warming in check.

Berlin. Climate change and the energy transition continue to occupy politicians. In the process, some crude views come to light. Green politician Robert Schlick tweeted:

Maybe Saxony should just be allowed to burn down in a controlled manner.”

Schlick was dissatisfied that Dynamo Dresden fans were booing an action against climate change and that the city of Dresden was allowing fireworks while it was burning in Saxon Switzerland. The Greens reveal a strange understanding of democracy. Equally strange is the statement of another Green, namely German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock. She said in October 2022 that the fight against climate change contributes to peace. How is that supposed to work? Baerbock refers to a hodgepodge of extreme weather such as floods, droughts, famines, storms and forest fires. She said:

The climate crisis destabilizes societies, exacerbates conflicts within and between states, it disturbs peace and stability worldwide.”

However, Ms. Baerbock apparently does not know the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. An increase in these extreme weather types is still not statistically detectable in most cases. So the concept of the climate fight for peace remains rather wishful thinking. The Federal Ministry of Economics of the Green politician Robert Habeck apparently indirectly supports the traffic terror organization “Last Generation”. Donations to the group end up in an account managed by the Elinor association, which has been funded by the German government with more than 150,000 euros. According to a report in the daily newspaper “Die Welt”, Green voters used to be bad at math at school. The weekly newspaper “Der Spiegel” surprised with a statement in October 2022. The title of one report stated:

UN organization sees energy security threatened by climate change

This refers to the shortage of cooling water if the summers in Central Europe remain so dry. Actually, cause and effect were confused here. The current energy crisis is more likely to be caused by climate change measures than by climate change itself. In the past, Germany had reliably supplied itself with coal-fired power plants, which are now gradually being abandoned. Retrofitting with CO2 capture systems on the chimneys was explicitly rejected and the underground safe storage of CO2 was prohibited by law in Germany.

A group of researchers at Peking University’s Qiao Liu envisions the creation of a new carbon-based currency. On the one hand, this is intended to stop climate change, and on the other hand, to replace the dominant dollar.

The daily newspaper “The Sun” reports on possible uprisings and waves of burglaries due to the sharp rise in the cost of living in Great Britain. Parts of the population will simply refuse to pay the escalating electricity and gas bills. It is feared that some may even die in the winter cold of their homes, as they cannot afford heating. Perhaps it was such scenarios that motivated the traffic light coalition in Germany to put the brakes on electricity and gas prices.



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