Friday Funny – Planet of the Apes vs. Climate Change

From Watts Up With That?

The climate left is fond of showing ginned-up pictures of what sea-level rise would look like in the future. We are barraged with model projections turned into images of flooded cities on a regular basis.

For example, in one of the most egregious cover articles ever, National Geographic used the Statue of Liberty to illustrate what they think future sea level rise would look like.

Of course, I had to take down their idiotic claims with some simple math in this post.

Image from the WUWT story: National Geographic’s Junk Science: How long will it take for sea level rise to reach midway up the Statue of Liberty?

But, after seeing this picture below on Facebook on Thursday, I decided two can play at that game.

Point Dume, Malibu… [circa the year 3978]

h/t to Dr. Roy Spencer. Original photo by Ric Rob.