Germany´s green swamp of corruption and nepotism is gettingGermany´s deeper and deeper

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By Daniel Matissek

The green swamp in Robert Habeck’s Ministry of Economics and Climate Change is becoming increasingly confusing. The machinations of State Secretary Patrick Graichen, who resigned last week, are drawing ever wider circles. He has installed a clandestine network of family members, confidants and lobbyists to advance the radical left-wing climate agenda against citizens and business.

At the end of last week, it came to light that the Ministry of Economics and its subordinate authorities had paid at least 11.6 million euros of taxpayers’ money to the ominous “Institute for Applied Ecology” headquartered in Freiburg in order to have its long-decided policy pseudo-scientifically underpinned. Patrick Graichen’s brother and sister are employed there in leading positions.

Big money for appraisers

This disreputable closeness did not seem to bother Habeck at any time. On the contrary, at a hearing in the Bundestag, his ministry had even concealed the true extent of the cash flows and stated that it was only 3.4 million euros. In fact, the NGO collected at least three times as much.

The same Oeko-Institut also prepared the now infamous report called “Breakthrough for the Heat Pump” for the traffic light – and thus the basis for action of what Habeck is now to implement in office verbatim and ruthlessly. The fact that the ruinous costs of this madness will deprive millions of Germans of their savings, pensions and assets is deliberately accepted by the green skimmers.

Ominous “Agora Energiewende”

The real center of the Graichen felt, however, has always been the think tank “Agora Energiewende”. From there, all the threads seem to go out and come together again. As its leader, Graichen had openly announced before his move to Habeck’s political control center that his goal was the complete restructuring of German economic and industrial society. Especially in the Agora, which also benefits massively from taxpayers’ money, plans are still being forged and networks are being forged to transform Germany into an eco-Marxist planned economy.

NGO with a radical agenda

The extent to which this octopus has infiltrated the deep left-wing state is shown by the fact that no fewer than seven state secretaries of the current traffic light government were and are members of Agora. Even more than the Freiburg Institute for Applied Ecology, this NGO can only be described as dangerous to the public. Supported by billionaire backers and a large part of the German media, it is pushing ahead with its radical agenda at all levels – and in doing so, it is undermining and manipulating all the rules of a democratic state based on the rule of law.

Agora acts in a non-transparent manner and as secretly as possible: it installs its people in the ministerial bureaucracy and in other influential posts, where they can wreak havoc unnoticed by the public.

Contacts with the Viennese Gewessler Ministry

Incidentally, this is not only the case in Germany: even Austria’s Green Climate Minister Leonore Gewessler draws on the questionable reports of the “Agora Energiewende”. In addition to the suicidal energy policy, there are a number of other Agora projects, namely on the topics of transport transition, agriculture, industry and digital transformation. These, too, are apparently to be gradually implemented by infiltrated and bought political lobbyists and the green sect. Through these structures, the Greens ultimately succeed in dominating politics far beyond the influence to which they are entitled on the basis of election results. Which, in turn, would be unthinkable without the blessing of the globalist puppet masters and their order recipients in the system media.

Unmanageable network of groupings

A juggernaut has emerged here that spreads its tentacles everywhere in order to secretly promote the same climate ideology over and over again and to achieve the complete transformation of Germany into the pre-industrial age announced by Graichen. All this has been meticulously and patiently prepared over years and decades, and behind this agenda is an almost unmanageable network of foundations, associations and global plutocratic donors. In the meantime, one almost has to speak of a coup-like organization.

Graichen’s doctoral thesis plagiarism?

Graichen’s departure is only a brief moment of disruption for these fanatics. However, the apparatus that he helped to build is so broad that he is not dependent on it. Like-minded and willing successors have long been ready to continue Graichen’s work of destruction with Habeck’s blessing. In the meantime, there are also allegations of plagiarism against Graichen, who is said to have dealt very freely with sources in his doctoral thesis according to the now customary political pattern. Due to the high number of such passages, experts are already talking about a deliberate intention to deceive, and Heidelberg University now wants to initiate a detailed investigation.

However, falsified doctoral theses have almost become the norm in politics for years. Such reports no longer cause a stir. So if Graichen were just a plagiarist and profiteer of nepotism, this would not be very noticeable in the actually existing German party state. What is really dangerous are the goals that he and his co-thinkers relentlessly pursue.


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