Climate hoax: Years ago at RTL and 3sat, now only at AUF1

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By Christoph Uhlmann

The era of opinion domination of the mainstream media is clearly coming to an end. Viewership and circulation figures continue to plummet – as does trust in reporting. The latter was recently found in a study by the University of Mainz. According to the study, public broadcasting, for example, has recorded the lowest trust value since the beginning of the long-term study. After it became known how many journalists are in the pay of the state, hardly surprising.

According to the study, 66 percent of West Germans, but only 41 percent of citizens in the new federal states, express their confidence in state broadcasters. Of course, as AUF1.INFO reported, this loss of trust does not come out of nowhere.

Hundreds of journalists bought

Media reports about bought journalists have accumulated in recent weeks and months and paint a disastrous picture of the German media landscape. It became public that well over a hundred journalists received government funding. Among them, for example, Johannes B. Kerner, Eckart von Hirschhausen and Florian Schroeder, who held out their hands as well as “Mr. Wissen2Go”, Mirko Drotschmann. Harald Lesch and Dunja Hayali are also on the state “payroll”, as reported. And if the state pays supposed journalists, then it should also be clear that this is not exactly conducive to independent reporting that deviates from the government line.

Climate dwindling on RTL and 3sat – unthinkable today

For example, a critical examination of the climate hoax in the system media would be unthinkable in times of the green-dominated traffic light government. This was not always the case: In 2007, the private broadcaster RTL had shown a critical documentary as part of its “RTL Extra” format. The main message of the approximately 40-minute contribution: The theory of man-made global warming is wrong. “The climate hoax” was the title of RTL’s contribution. It was an edited version of the British documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, which had previously been heavily criticized for errors.

“The climate catastrophe does not exist”

In it, scientists and climate researchers point out, for example, the extreme susceptibility to error of climate models. Such predictions, which are often astronomically wrong, have also been known since Corona from the always incorrect forecasts of the number of deaths. The documentary also points out that there have been times in the history of the earth with 3 times, even 10 times as much CO2 as today. And the founding director of the International Arctic Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Prof. Akasofu, declares that “the climate catastrophe does not exist.”

In this video entitled “Climate hoax: What are the real facts?”, AUF1 has shown that years ago the mainstream media refuted this new religious nonsense even with scientifically correct facts:

Climate religion: The new “opium of the people”

A report broadcast by 3sat in 2010 went in a similar direction. Under the title “Climate Protection as a New World Religion“, the religious delusion of the climate sect was critically examined. Politicians and scientists are therefore the prophets and priests of this religion, Greta Thunberg its pillar saint. The sociologist Prof. Norbert Bolz explains in the article that for our largely atheistic society, this new offer of faith is irresistible. Because the promised apocalypse gives people the opportunity to feel religiously without having to believe in a God.

Here is an AUF1 video contribution to the 3sat report “Climate Protection as a New World Religion” from 2010:

More than one billion taxpayers’ money for media in Austria

Whether the journalists in the mainstream media believe in God or not remains to be seen, but they obviously “believe” in the vile mammon. Also in Austria: The Telegram channel “Fact Sheet Austria” has published a compilation. This shows that in 2022, 325 million euros were made available for press funding in Austria – 20.7% more than in the previous year. In total, an enormous 2019.1 billion euros have been redistributed by taxpayers to system media since 1. The fact that alternative media such as AUF1 came away empty-handed is hardly surprising. And the fact that current reports, such as the one that there is a new temperature minus record of -76.4 °C at the South Pole and Antarctica, do not make it into the mainstream media should come as no surprise to anyone. Because it doesn’t fit into the grand narrative of the rulers…

About the author: Christoph Uhlmann worked as a citizen journalist and started as a career changer at “Wochenblick” in 2021. The main topics are Corona, science and the Great Reset. In October 2022, he then moved to AUF1.

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