Hot Summer? – Met Office Clowns Have Not Got A Clue!

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By Paul Homewood

h/t Ian Magness

The Met Office has given its verdict on reports claiming that “African plumes” could bring multiple heatwaves to the UK this summer with temperatures in excess of 35C.

In a widely reported forecast, Exacta Weather said hot air masses are likely to sweep across Europe between June and September that could repeatedly push the mercury into the thirties in the UK.

Met Office meteorologist Honor Criswick told The Independent that such a scenario would be “unprecedented, but not impossible”.

“We had a similar set-up last summer, though there were additional factors at play, with a high to the east of the UK bringing hot air up from the south/southeast,” the forecaster said.

Asked about the predictions of a scorching summer, Ms Criswick said that, “as always with a longer-range forecast, there is always some uncertainty”.

But she said that there is “a greater than normal chance” of heatwaves in the UK this summer, which is “consistent with our warming climate”.

“Outlook forecasts are for the average conditions over the UK as a whole, for the period as a whole, so we can expect regional variations,” Ms Criswick said.

“So far for May, there is a higher than normal chance of warmer temperatures, however near average or cool conditions remain possible. Looking ahead into June and July, the chance of it being hot is higher than normal however near average temperatures remains the most likely outcome.

“There is also a greater than normal chance of impacts from hot weather such as heatwaves. The increased chance of warm conditions through the period is consistent with our warming climate. Whilst this doesn’t necessarily mean a heatwave will occur, it does increase the likelihood of this compared to normal.”

In other words, the clowns have no idea whether it will be hot, average or cold.

Meanwhile, since when were temperatures in the 30s “unprecedented”? It happens most summers.

As for the claim that global warming is making heatwaves more common, does not this silly woman know that heatwaves are the result of meteorological conditions, not climate change. They are caused by high pressure with plenty of sunshine. Climate change has no effect on those factors, and is not making them more common.

That is why last summer was not even as hot as 1976 or 1826.