Theft Of Heat Pumps Installed Outdoors Spreads In Germany, Insurances Refuse To Cover Loss

From NoTricksZone

By P Gosselin on 14. May 2023

As heat pumps become the latest trend, so is their theft. And because they are installed outdoors, insurance companies refuse to cover the losses. 

Swiss site Tichy’s Einblick here reports on how police and consumer advocates are warning homeowners heat pumps are being stolen and that often aren’t insured because they are not not secured indoors.

As opposed to fossil fuel furnaces, which are housed securely in basements, heat pumps are usually installed outdoors, thus making them easy targets for criminals.

“Criminals have apparently now discovered the theft of heat pumps as a new business field for themselves,” reports Tichy’s Einblick, citing the Nordkurier. “Throughout Germany, the police are receiving more and more reports of heat pumps being dismantled and stolen.”

Because heat pumps are usually not installed indoors, they end up not being covered by standard household insurance policies if stolen or damaged. This misfortune was experienced by one woman in Germany, when here 15,000 euro pump was stolen and her insurance company refused to cover the damage.

“The insurance company now does not want to pay. The problem: the heat pump was not covered by the building insurance. Since the heat pump is not in the house but in front of it, she is stuck with the costs,” reports Tichy’s Einblick. Criminals are reported stealing units from homes under construction as well.

Securing heat pumps against theft of course will only add to their already hefty costs of their installation. Germany aims to pass a law forcing all German households off gas and oil heating systems beginning next year.