UK Government is playing into Putin’s hands

From Net Zero Watch

London, 9 May – Net Zero Watch has warned that the Government’s ban on fracking and its strangling of North Sea oil and gas investment is playing into Russian hands.

The merchant bank Goldman Sachs has today warned that European gas prices could triple this winter, triggering a new energy cost crisis, even before the possibility of Russia sabotaging undersea cables and pipelines, a real threat raised by security experts last week.

Net Zero Watch has been warning for years that Britain’s energy security can only be safeguarded by developing domestic energy resources. Its director Andrew Montford said:

Putin barely needs to attack oil and gas infrastructure in the UK, because the Government is doing such a good job of restricting domestic supply without him. Net Zero policy plays straight into his hands.”

Net Zero Watch has been highlighting the fact that prioritising renewable energy over reliable energy sources represents a major threat to national security for several years.

Andrew Montford said:

The government are sacrificing everything on the altar of their Net Zero dogma: economic security and national security just don’t seem to matter to them any longer.”

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