Germany:Finance expert Dr. Markus Krall: “Climate policy is already expropriation”

From AUF1

By AUF1 editorial team

The planned ban on Habeck’s oil and gas heating systems is already expropriation, emphasizes Dr. Markus Krall. Pensioners who had saved up for their own home all their lives could not afford the prescribed conversions.

“Every time you think that politicians can’t think of anything else to further impair the prosperity of citizens and to continue to bully and patronize them, politicians come up with new ideas,” says financial expert Dr. Markus Krall in an interview with AUF1.

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“Dr. Markus Krall: ‘Climate policy is already an expropriation'” – Bernhard Riegler in conversation with Dr. Markus Krall

“Decadent is not an expression of it at all”

The forced conversion of heating systems will cost around 1,000 billion euros. At the same time, many millions of tons of CO2 would be generated.

“It is not the habit of our politicians in Berlin to calculate these things,” emphasizes Markus Krall. Politicians are “persuaded to do something by lobbyists and then enforced by force – regardless of the losses”.

Saving for years – without possessions in old age

With Habeck’s heating plans, more than a trillion euros are to be taken from the people – that’s a third of the gross national product! People who have designed their retirement savings for their own property are forced to make immense expenses. To do this, they would need five- or six-figure loans – if they can still get them at all. And even then, they wouldn’t be able to pay them off. “That’s already an expropriation,” says Dr. Markus Krall.

“Expropriation has already taken place”

The expropriation of citizens has already taken place in Germany, says the financial expert. Real estate transactions have fallen by 60-90%, and in some regions by more than 90%. And some banks have not granted a single mortgage loan for 8 weeks.

Are German citizens fighting back?

However, German citizens would only defend themselves when it is already too late, Markus Krall fears. “I don’t expect such a turnaround until the pain caused by an economic catastrophe in this country becomes so great that even the last one feels it.”