European Green War on Agriculture: Farmers Banned for Life if they Want Compensation

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From Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

A new chapter in the horror being inflicted on Dutch farmers, in the name of climate action and fertiliser use reduction.

EU Backs Dutch Scheme to Forcibly Shut Down Thousands of Farms, Ban Farmers From Returning to Agriculture Forever

The European Commission in Brussels has backed a scheme by the globalist government of Prime Minister Mark Rutte in the Netherlands that would see thousands of farms shut down in order to comply with EU climate goals.

On Tuesday, the governing arm of the European Union officially threw its support behind plans by the Dutch government to buy out thousands of farmers from their lands in order to meet the EU’s Natura 2000 scheme to protect certain environments. The plan, which would offer farmers 120 per cent of the value of their farm, could see some 3,000 so-called “peak” emitters of nitrogen shut down.

In addition to the plan to buyout — or eventually force out if they refuse — the “peak” emitting farms, the government is also planning a separate scheme that would give dairy, pig, and poultry farmers a deal for 100 per cent of the value of their farm if they wished to shut down. In total, some 1.4 billion euros is expected to be set aside for both farm shutdown schemes.

Should the plan go ahead, it would not only be a major blow for the farming industry in the Netherlands, which is one of the most productive in Europe but could potentially impact other nations as well, given that part of the condition of the buyout scheme is that the Dutch farmers would be prohibited from moving to other countries and starting up farms abroad, meaning that their knowledge and expertise would be squandered.

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This isn’t a plan to reduce agriculture in the Netherlands, in my opinion this is a plan to reduce global food production.

If farmers want to keep the compensation money received from the EU, for the coerced surrender of their farms, they also have to sign a contract to never farm again – just to receive money, compensation for seized assets which are rightfully theirs.

Except those farms are more than just assets, they are places built with love, with backbreaking labor, places full of memories, where children were raised, places full of community and tradition. All ruined now, by the rising cadre of European green communists who believe their glorious social goals are more important than food production.