Dr Richard Lindzen exposes climate change as a politicised power play motivated by malice and profit

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Veteran climate expert Dr. Richard Lindzen made a name for himself before the fundamentally flawed field of climate science that we know today was invented.

In an interview with the pioneering atmospheric physicist and former emeritus professor of meteorology at MIT, he recounted events that occurred in the 1980s, which gave birth to the all-consuming climate change narrative that prevails today.

Having begun his research on climate change in the mid-70s motivated by a sincere interest in understanding the Earth’s climate regimes, Lindzen’s assessment of the various elements paraded as scientific evidence of an impending climate catastrophe is remarkably sensible.

What’s particularly revealing from his recollection of events is how complicit the media and politicians have been in forcing the disastrous climate change narrative upon an unsuspecting and trusting public from the very beginning.


00:00 Dr. Richard Lindzen on his career as an atmospheric physicist and what drew him to study Earth’s climate

01:21 On carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect

05:02 On politicians, the United Nations, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the enabling of climate hysteria

07:21 On the politicisation of climate change and the significant human progress enabled by the fossil fuel industry

08:45 On the environmental destruction caused by renewable energy sources

09:46 On the cult-like climate activism movement and its demonisation of carbon dioxide

12:41 On the purported scientific consensus on climate change

14:46 On the Clinton-Gore administration’s funding of climate impacts between 1989 and 1996

17:35 On Professor Guy McPherson’s claim that abrupt climate change will lead to human extinction by 2026

18:22 On the motives behind the climate change/green energy movement

19:23 On his iris hypothesis on climate change proposed in 2001

21:56 On the epistemological issues relating to climate change

23:59 On climate variability vs anthropogenic climate change

27:19 On his experience with institutional bias in favour of scientists who support the official climate change narrative and the influence of institutional funding scientific research

29:50 How the situation is rigged to support the narrative and the complicity of politicians and scientists

32:10 On the climate catastrophe prediction and how this compares to reality