Let’s get out in front of this El Niño

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El Nino


By Joe Bastardi

The coming El Nino provides a great chance to expose that simply buying that CO2 is the most significant climate control knob is folly.

This would cut the supposed scientific support out from ESG and WEF policies further exposing their agenda which is plainly anti-American Prosperity and freedom.

The CFSV2 has some members ( blue) with a Super Nino Developing. The blue members are the most recent run the red past runs.

forecast at this time in 2015

While Super Ninos have occurred. there is simply no analog to the Atlantic and how warm it is.  Take for instance the forecast for ASO 2015. vs now

The huge difference is in the Atlantic. ( outlined in the hurricane impact forecast)  So CAGW people push increases in Greenhouse gases for the reason, which you will see in the chart later is highly improbable.

But this is going to have major implications for the weather for a year or 2 down the road and in the climate situation. In addition, we know what is going to happen with the global temperature response. another step up is coming. This will provide people arguing the natural side of Global Warming an opportunity to counter the onslaught coming from Agenda driven man-made climate people, on the cause.   To argue Enso events like this, which  VISIBILY LEAD TO STEP UPS IN GLOBAL TEMPERATURES DUE TO IMMENSE WATER VAPOR INPUT AND THE CORRELATION IT HAS IN THE COLDEST DRIEST AREAS

are due to man-made influences borders on the absurd. Something has to be warming the oceans, and it is not the US input that has resulted in .0000125 of the atmosphere being co2 ( total co2 is .0042). Basically, the Green new deal is sacrificing the US’s future prosperity on an altar that is worshipping a false God in the name of a Marxist global agenda.

Look at the energy content  of the system

Atmospheric warming is the  RESULT of larger-scale warming, not the cause of it.   So again what is warming the ocean?  It is not the air. Co2 does have properties to warm the air, but not to the extent that is attributed. And again, a nation with a small and decreasing contribution of this should not be committing what amounts to societal suicide because of it

Personally, I am excited about this, I hope people on my side of the issue, that believe this is natural, get ready and get out in front. That is the problem. For some reason, people that are in the media or whatever, refuse to get out in front of the predictable reactions from the leftist. And then you are left to fight sound bite for sound bite with an overwhelming amount of people in power that refuse to even look.   

For whatever reason the oceans are warming, it can not be explained by CO2 input   But the warming of the air can be explained by the warming of the ocean. I have pointed out that if we quantified water vapor increase in grams/kg, then correlated it to the saturation mixing ratios with temperatures, you would likely see the lion’s share of where it is warming more and how much has to do with that.  So why do we just look at CO2? Makes no sense.

I am already out front with my hypothesis, which is being widely trashed from both sides, and that is fine.  ( the idea is that this increase is negligible and I have no proof. The reason I have no proof is because of the amazing lack of research on this matter.  But they have no proof it is not.  So given the oceanic effect on temperature, why are we not putting time and effort into that, instead of the relentless almost mindless drumbeat of how horrible it is despite life never being better?) Latest Seismic activity charts show a sudden drop-off

If this were to persist then the test of my idea is lurking, oceans after the super Nino  would cool, and the air should follow to some extent after a small lag period

But remember TSI has been on the increase and is linked directly to WV. ( Dr. Willie Soon has been the leader in this aspect)

Seismic activity vs global temp

Both of these certainly correlate better than CO2

Get ready.   The El Nino is going to be weaponized and it gives people that argue natural causes for warming a golden opportunity to show the other side of the issue.   In fact, whether I am on to something or not, at the least, the other people with explanations will have a chance to show the multitude of counters to a tunnel-visioned nonscience approach (the argument is settled nothing else to see here) to explaining what we see.  It would not be so bad, except it has been co-opted and turned into one of a multitude of half-truths designed to destroy our way of life, you pick the topic, and the link is there.