Political Power Failure: 88% of Germans Reckon Wind & Solar ‚Transition‘ Doomed to Failure

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Germans were said to be rock-solid supporters of the grand ‘plan’ to run on nothing but wind and solar. Well, not anymore.

Faced with Europe’s highest power prices (which are still rising at a staggering clip), routine power rationing and blackouts, the German populous seems to have fallen out of love with the notion of the ‘inevitable’ wind and solar ‘transition’ aka the ‘Energiewende’. No longer is the transition seen as ‘inevitable’ or even desirable.

From the recent polling, it looks as if the average German is making a grand transition to reality, rejecting wind and solar and putting their faith in a safe, reliable and affordable nuclear power – as if German wealth and prosperity depends upon it.

88% of Germans don’t believe in the Solar and Wind Green energy transition
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
6 April 2023

The transition is happening, it’s just not the Green one.

Only one in ten Germans still believe solar and wind power can meet Germany’s energy needs. Three quarters of the people who used to be optimistic about Green energy have changed their mind.

But right now, the people are ploughing the snow off the solar panels while the government is ploughing along with the plan…

“The Germans have realized their government is on a suicidal ghost ride.”
— AUF1 Editorial team

Thanks to Pierre Gosselin at NoTricksZone

Germans Overwhelmingly Fed Up With Move To Green Energies
As the government gears up to try to pass legislation that would force most homeowners to carry out extensive renovation to their homes and upgrades to their heating systems, the Energiewende is suddenly no longer looking like a bargain and is no longer welcome by the vast majority of Germans, according to a Forsa survey.
No Tricks Zone

Skeptics are the majority.

Majority of Germans have doubts about a complete energy transition
Germans do not believe that the country’s energy needs can be met entirely by renewable energies. Amazing: Far fewer people believe in the energy transition than twelve years ago.

In Germany, skepticism has increased that the energy demand can be covered solely with renewable energies in the foreseeable future. According to a Forsa survey, only ten percent believe this, while 88 percent do not. In 2011, the value measured by Forsa was still 39 percent for “yes” and 61 percent for “no”.
Die Welt

People may call the punters stupid, but six out of ten Germans have realized that natural gas and nuclear power are good things. The unwashed masses can figure things out.

Clear majority has enough of climate madness and energy transition
The Scholz government is facing massive skepticism and rejection of its core projects like no other federal government before.
Majority for natural gas and nuclear power
59 percent are still in favor of using natural gas as a source of energy, 57 percent are in favor of retaining nuclear energy – even significantly more than 10 years ago. The Germans have realized their government is on a suicidal ghost ride. Despite this, Chancellor Scholz continues to fabricate that the energy transition will succeed and that by 2030 80 percent of electricity will come from renewable energies. Therefore, heating bans and building renovation obligations are being adhered to, the installation of heat pumps – and above all the shutdown of the last three remaining nuclear power plants this month. The federal government is using the crowbar to continue a policy that has already failed and is rejected by an overwhelming majority of its own population.

Do 10% rule over the 90 — Who exactly does Chancellor Scholz answer to?
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Ulrike von Waitz, Mitglied der Gruppe Mothers for Nuclear vor dem Gelaende des ehemaligen Versuchsatomkraftwerk Kahl

Germans say ‘nein danke’ to wind and ‘ja bitte’ to nuclear.