The wind/whale correlation


By Craig Rucker 

Take a look at the graph by Jersey Shore protector and activist Mike Dean tweeted.

The graph shows a dramatic rise in whale deaths, closely correlated with the rise in vessels conducting survey operations off the coast of New York and New Jersey, as construction of massive wind farms ramps up.

CFACT will be the first to tell you, as we have so many times, that correlation does not prove causation. We’ll leave that kind of spurious conclusion-jumping to the Left.

What correlation does do is demand investigation and flag us to proceed with caution.

The heartbreaking sight of massive whales washing up dead on our coasts has concerned people everywhere asking, “why?”

Yet, our government watchdog agencies have turned a blind eye.

David Wojick posted some very concerning facts to

“Damn the whales, full speed ahead” seems to be the offshore wind policy of Biden’s NOAA. They now propose to approve yet another site survey, just 10 miles off Atlantic City.

The site is a big one because the offshore wind project is huge. Phase 1 is a whopping 1,500 MW, which means over 100 monster turbine towers. The survey area is around 1,500,000 acres or an incredible 2,300 square miles…

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) predicts the number of adverse impacts by species, but here are the staggering numbers by category:

  • 42 Whales
  • 2,534 Dolphins
  • 142 Porpoises
  • 1,472 Seals

Total = 4,190 adversely impacted marine mammals.

The Biden Administration has directed government agencies to go all-in on climate.  Now they are ignoring their duty to protect wildlife and unspoiled spaces.  Their Faustian bargain won’t even bring us reliable energy.  It certainly won’t meaningfully alter the temperature of the Earth.

What do we learn from the survey vessel/whale death correlation?

Stop offshore wind development until we investigate and learn.

Not another turbine until we get the answers.


  • Craig Rucker
  • Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.