On the Benefits of CO2

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From  Master Resource

By Randal Utech

Ed. Note: This post at LinkedIn resulted in the author’s account being suspended (see final comment below). MasterResource is pleased to repost and let the readers debate and decide the issues for themselves.

Some interesting facts on CO2. The trace gas of life is very beneficial. CO2 is greening the earth and feeding the hungry. CO2 has not been proven to ‘drive’ climate change except as conveyed by the models which remain erroneous and incomplete. We are near the lowest level of CO2 over earth history. The secondary feedback heating effect of CO2 is limited by the IR logarithmic forcing law and is nearly saturated at current levels. The earth never had runaway heating even at 10x-20x current levels of CO2. Interesting that most plants evolved at levels averaging near 1200 ppm or roughly 3x current levels.

Desert greening


Satellite data shows the per cent amount that foliage cover has changed around the world from 1982 to 2010.

Plant fertilizer higher than expected


CO2 reducing plant water needs


CO2 sink


Greening observed by NASA


NASA – greening mitigates warming


Satellite observations show widespread increasing trends of leaf area index (LAI), known as the Earth greening. However, the biophysical impacts of this greening on land surface temperature (LST) remain unclear. Here, we quantify the biophysical impacts of Earth greening on LST from 2000 to 2014 and disentangle the contributions of different factors using a physically based attribution model. We find that 93% of the global vegetated area shows negative sensitivity of LST to LAI increase at the annual scale, especially for semi-arid woody vegetation. Further considering the LAI trends (P≤0.1), 30% of the global vegetated area is cooled by these trends and 5% is warmed. Aerodynamic resistance is the dominant factor in controlling Earth greening’s biophysical impacts: The increase in LAI produces a decrease in aerodynamic resistance, thereby favoring increased turbulent heat transfer between the land and the atmosphere, especially latent heat flux.

Credits: Chi Chen

More food production 


CO2 over earth history 

Logarithmic forcing 


Utech Comment: “As a result of this post, my LinkedIn account was suspended 3/30/23. While I had two previous comments removed pertaining to climate science (sea level and questioning ‘the science’), my last post with 500+ likes is what sparked the suspension. I suspect but cannot confirm the censorship is initiated from the ‘Just Stop Oil’ alarmists, but LI removed my access. I believe there is a pattern for comment removal and that is using a statement that ‘CO2 does not drive climate’ is what is considered misinformation. More than 35,000 views and 110 reposts in just two days. I suspect the reposts were also removed but do not know. I will appreciate any feedback or comments you may have.


Randal Utech is a Geoscientist living in Richmond, Texas outside Houston. After 38 years in the industry, he retired from Schlumberger as an Advisor Geoscientist in 2020. Utech has followed and researched climate science for nearly 30 years with emphasis on geology, paleoclimate, and the glacial cycles. An interview with him by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists can be found here.