Policy No Brainer: New Finnish Government Backs Grand Nuclear Power Expansion

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Safe, ever-reliable and always affordable nuclear power is a no-brainer. Especially for those worked up about carbon dioxide gas, nuclear being the only stand-alone generation source that does not generate CO2 in the process.

Finland gets it, and has done for decades. Nuclear power is the largest source of energy in Finland, with a current capacity of 2,794MW, to which another 1,600MW is about to be added when the new 3rd reactor at Olkiluoto is commissioned soon.

No doubt prompted by the suicidal wind and solar obsession playing out across Germany, the incoming Finnish government has announced that the first order of business is expanding Finland’s nuclear power generation capacity as soon as humanly possible.

Sky News’ Chris Kenny has the story below.

‘Disingenuous’ for Albanese government to say ‘renewables are the only answer’
Sky News
Chris Kenny
4 April 2023

Sky News host Chris Kenny says it’s “disingenuous” for Anthony Albanese to keep saying renewables are the “only answer and that nuclear is too expensive”.

“Nuclear works because it’s reliable and affordable and zero emissions,” Mr Kenny said.


Chris Kenny: I mean, let’s talk about Finland, you know, the Scandinavian country whose prime minister Sanna Marin created a storm when this party video got out last year.

Of course, just because you’re PM doesn’t mean you can’t party. The video only gained her worldwide acclaim as a young, modern, woke, leftist leader, and she won gushing praise and sympathy from commentators and other political leaders, too. Marin came to Australia last December and was given a rockstar reception by the Prime Minister and the media, of course.

But things have gone south for her now, losing a national election over the weekend and the likely new centre right Prime Minister Petteri Orpo is keen on a sharp change of direction.

Petteri Orpo: I think that there are clear alternatives to the left-wing government and people are very worried about our economy. This was our message, we will fix our country.

Chris Kenny: He’s going to fix the country, and a big part of Orpo’s plan is energy, and he sees nuclear as the way forward. Finland already gets about a third of its power from nuclear energy. The new leader wants more. He said in a blog that one of the most important tasks for government is to strongly speed up construction of new nuclear power plants. Orpo explained he wants nuclear power to be the cornerstone of the country’s energy policy.

So that’s the direction of world energy policy at the moment. Finland joins France now, the UK, China, Japan and others, all looking to again expand nuclear energy. So it’s ridiculous and disingenuous for our government to keep saying renewables are the only answer, and that nuclear is too expensive. These countries have plenty of renewable options, but nuclear works because it’s reliable and affordable and zero emissions.

Finland, by the way, joined NATO today, which is pretty important, too, given it shares a long border with Russia, just another way the invasion of Ukraine has backfired on Vladimir Putin.

So, with all this happening today, on a lighter note, I couldn’t resist this. These developments in Finland mean that I haven’t been able to get the old Monty Python song out of my head all day.

Finland , Finland , Finland
It’s the country for me

You’re so near to Russia
So far from Japan
Quite a long way from Cairo
Lots of miles from Vietnam

Finland , Finland , Finland
The country where I want to be…

Yeah. Finland will soon have it all, the protective umbrella of NATO and stacks of reliable emissions-free nuclear energy. If Finland can handle a nuclear, domestic nuclear power industry and expand it, it’s probably not beyond our capacities, is it? What do you reckon?
Sky News