Power Showers May Be Banned

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By Paul Homewood

h/t Ian Magness

They won’t be happy until they control every aspect of our lives:

Power showers could be banned from sale under Government plans to save water.

It comes as ministers want to cut individual demand from 144 litres a day to 122 litres a day by 2038 to protect supplies.

The plans include the development of new standards for showers and taps which restrict how much water they can use.

This could mean ending the sale of power showers, which use around 10 to 16 litres of water a minute, meaning a five-minute shower can use 80 litres – compared to around 20 litres in a typical electric shower.

It may also result in restrictions on certain models of toilet, amid concerns over how hundreds of litres a day are lost to leaks, mostly from dual-flush loos.

In its new Plan for Water, the Government confirmed it would “develop minimum product standards for water efficiency including for showers, taps, and toilets”, including mandatory labelling of such products.

But ministers want to go further to tackle water demand. The Telegraph understands one possibility considered by officials is banning ‘high flow’ bathroom products from sale.

It comes following warnings from The Environment Agency that parts of England could run out of water within 20 years because of the impact of climate change and leaks.

Water use could also be included on energy performance certificates, which are required by homeowners and landlords when they sell a property or rent it out.


The pathetic use of climate change as an excuse is an outright lie, as England is getting wetter, not drier:

No, the real objective is control. How dare we want to use water!

Meanwhile the government also wants to roll out smart water meters:


Finally the second article includes this comment:

Wettest? Why does the Telegraph not check simple facts before printing rubbish like this? (Needless to say, it was written by the useless Emma Gatten!)