Germany: Invitation to the final shutdown

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From KlimaNachrichten Redakteur

By Hans Ambos

to the “final shutdown of German nuclear power plants”

Minister Robert Habeck and Mrs. Ricarda Lang “NPP Emsland.”
Mr. Hofreiter and Foreign Minister Baerbock “NPP Isar 2”
Mr. Özdemir and Mrs. Göring-Eckardt “NPP Neckarwestheim 2”
On the occasion of your big celebration for the shutdown of the last three nuclear power plants in Germany, you, as Germany’s most popular politician, are cordially invited by the Greens to bring about the end of nuclear energy in Germany. Please come to the control rooms on the evening of 15 April 2023 and press the respective switch-off buttons! The red button (RESA) is located on the reactor control panel slightly to the left of the center under a red flap.

Federal Chancellor Scholz will be connected live and can enjoy the spectacle on this memorable night in his Chancellery with emergency diesel ready to go.

Prime Ministers Söder, Weil and Kretschmann are also invited to watch the Greens kill off power plants in their federal states.

It will certainly be great for all of you to see how the power indicator drops from more than 1,000 megawatts to zero simultaneously in each of the 3 NPPs. They have thus ended the generation of electricity from nuclear fission in Germany. The final battle has been fought. The victory against the hated nuclear power plants has succeeded. Mission completed!

Mr. Habeck, do not allow yourselves to be insulted as wrong-way drivers in terms of energy policy, because of Germany’s unique nuclear phase-out. Be steadfast that all 160 other (countries) are the wrong-way drivers. This time, the world must heal from the German ecological essence. In any case, we have left the world community of nuclear energy operators. In 2019, the Wall Street Journal published an article on German energy policy titled “World’s Dumbest Energy Policy.” You should reject that. Everyone else is stupid and has no idea about energy, except the German Greens.

You have accomplished a great historic deed in the country where the Nobel Prize winners Otto Hahn, Werner Heisenberg, Max Planck and Albert Einstein were once admired and honoured. In the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Otto Hahn’s original workplace has already been removed. At school, evil, evil nuclear energy no longer occurs. Fortunately for the now ignorant teachers, no student asks how a “fast breeder” works anyway. Physics is voted out. They have shown them how to do it.

Historic time: 24.00, 15 April 2023: “End of energy security in Germany!” That was it with a clean 30 billion kWh of electricity per year. They switch six percent safe, inexpensive (2.4 cents/kWh) and CO2-free electricity production just off! It was reliably available day and night, even when there was no wind. Zack! Off, forever! Tens of billions of euros destroyed in just one second. Respect!

But beware, there is a risk of a large-scale blackout. Suggestions on how to enjoy a power blackout can be taken in wise foresight from the children’s book “Little Heroes, Big Adventures” by Mr. Habeck. However, the danger of a blackout is hopefully short-lived, because neighboring countries immediately supply coal and nuclear power as a substitute. You should thank Poland and France. They like to supply us with electricity, because they make good money from it. The price of electricity in France is only half as high as it is here. But we have six times as high CO2-Emissions. Jealous, Mr. Habeck?

By way of comparison, Germany once accounted for 17 percent of German electricity generation and 36 percent of primary energy demand with only 11 reactors. The share of primary energy, on the other hand, is now a modest 3.5 percent for wind and only 1.6 percent for PV. By the way, it is wonderful that the CO2 for us, coal-fired power generation does not arise in Germany, but in Poland.

Bring the public state media and their expert advisors from Greenpeace to cheer. Make a press conference at the control room (in the background the performance indicator is zero) and tell people what is going on now: “Dear electricity customers and taxpayers, 3.5 cents per kWh of electricity price due to the depreciated NPPs, that was once upon a time. Now it’s getting really expensive for them. We, the Greens, have ensured the highest electricity prices in the world. We will rapidly extend this lead. Promised! And that’s a good thing; for the climate. We will simply replace the electricity from the three NPPs with renewables.”

Mr. Habeck, how do you intend to do that?

With wind?

As a replacement for the 3 NPPs, they need at least 9,000 new, additional wind turbines for 45 billion euros. Or replace with photovoltaics?

The last three nuclear power plants generated more electricity than all solar cells in Germany combined.

You didn’t know that?

One square meter of PV system generates 150 kWh per year. So you need the gigantic area of 210 km² of PV systems to produce 30 billion kWh. Cost: 85 billion euros.

The only problem is that no electricity can be generated in the dark or calm. Even 100,000 new wind turbines won’t help.

You can’t store the electricity in this huge amount either. Unfortunately, it does not work with hydrogen because of the catastrophically poor efficiency. Mr. Graichen, your state secretary, wants to use electric cars as storage. But he was just joking. What’s your plan? Or do you have no plan at all for the energy transition (into nowhere)?

On this occasion, it is best to abolish a few obstructive laws of physics, for example that the wind speed in the third power scales with the energy. This means that at half wind speed there is not about half electricity, not even a quarter, but only an eighth! This is quite stupid in windless Bavaria. Eight wind turbines in Bavaria generate only as much electricity as one on the coast. Abolish the second law of thermodynamics, the Bolzmann constant and a few other useless things of physics.

The promised “turning point” comes quickly. With the energy shortage economy, the beginning has already been made. We will soon be at the level of a developing country.

Worldwide, 442 nuclear power plants are in operation, 57 under construction and 63 nuclear power plants are in concrete planning. The latest generation of nuclear power plants is even safer and produces hardly any radioactive waste.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change explicitly calls for the use of nuclear energy to save the climate.

You can get schizophrenic as Germany’s economics and climate minister. But Germany is reducing its CO2emissions in the future in a completely different, unexpected way. By the industry migrating abroad because of astronomical energy prices or having to cease operations, the self-imposed climate targets can also be achieved. Saving the climate with Habeck’s economic policy.

Energy and climate experts are bleeding their hearts in the face of the destruction of German nuclear energy. The Nixperten (MINT subjects voted out at school) and our left-green, public media will cheer again. But the world rubs its eyes in surprise. In Germany, governments and the media have successfully ensured that the majority is against nuclear energy. You don’t see what is being lost now.

Think, Mr. Habeck, of Bertolt Brecht: “He who does not know the truth is only a fool. Anyone who knows them and calls them lies is a criminal.”

And another request to ARD, ZDF and the other public, left-green media: Please no more lies! An example: You (Miosga, Slomka etc…) regularly commemorate the victims of Fukushima. But there were no casualties, no injuries and no deaths.

There was a devastating tsunami and an earthquake with almost 20,000 fatalities.

How incompetent and stupid you are, you can easily see by the fact that you only use the discrediting term nuclear power plant, nuclear power plant, introduced by Greenpeace, instead of the legally and legally correct one: nuclear power plant, NPP (for example in the Atomic Energy Act): nuclear power plant.

They constantly confuse power and energy and make a thousand other mistakes.

But it doesn’t matter.

“When the sun of knowledge slowly sets, even dwarfs of knowledge cast long shadows.”

Good night, Germany.

Hans Ambos