Climate Insanity: Swiss Government Sued for Not Preventing a Heatwave

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From Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

Greens are trying to redefine “climate lockdown” as meaning a weather even which makes it unpleasant to be outdoors.

‘Climate lockdown’ anger drives Swiss grandmother to sue government at EU court

Last summer, while dozens of Swiss pensioners were campaigning in the Alps to save their fast-melting glaciers, 85-year-old Marie-Eve Volkoff was instead stuck inside her small Geneva apartment watching TV programmes.

Switzerland’s punishing triple heatwaves in 2022 compelled Ms Volkoff to stay at home for 11 weeks with just short outings, which she says was worse than COVID-19 and a violation of her human rights.

Before buying an air conditioner in 2019, Ms Volkoff said she used to hover near her bed for fear of passing out.

The Swiss government declined to comment on the case. It told the court that the changes to the women’s lives during heatwaves like staying at home were “quite common” and that everyone, including plants and animals, was affected.

More broadly, Switzerland said it recognised that climate change was a problem for the country, where temperatures are rising at about twice the global rate. But it says solutions need to be found at home.

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I’m really shocked Marie-Eve Volkoff has the chutzpah to sue the government for climate harm, when she has been running a planet wrecking air conditioner since 2019.

What’s wrong with hiring a team of workers to take a camel train to a high mountain, and cut some ice from one of Switzerland’s permanent glaciers? That way she could cool her apartment the way some of her pre-industrial ancestors dealt with the summer heat.

Hand cutting ice might cost more than running an air conditioner, but we shouldn’t be thinking about cost when it comes to climate action, right? /sarc