CFACT’s Hoffman on Fox & Friends First exposes hypocrisy on Net Zero, China

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CFACT’s Gabriella Hoffman appeared on Fox & Friends First to expose the hypocrisy of the Biden Administration’s Net Zero policies in regards to Africa and China.

Hoffman explained that China is offering African nations the opportunity to build up their electric grids via reliable fossil fuels, while the United States and western nations only offer opportunities to “transition” to unreliable wind and solar power. This further weakens the United States’ position in challenging China globally.

What’s more, is that the Biden Administration continues to turn a blind eye to the terrible working conditions of rare earth mining in places like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where child and slave labor under minimal safety regulations are a regular practice. This is used in order to obtain the minerals needed to build the electric vehicles, solar panels, and batteries that are so essential to the “green” transition.

The segment can be watched in full here.


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