Climate Change Madness Bracket

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The Heartland Institute

Welcome to Climate Change Roundtable, your weekly live show dedicated to debunking myths and discussing the latest news in climate change!


00:00 The Sweet Sixtine Myths

11:11 The Elite Eight Myths

1:00:53 The Final Four Myths

1:08:32 The Champion Myth

In this week’s episode, we’re applying the spirit of March Madness to the climate change debate.

We ranked the 16 most widespread myths about climate change in a head-to-head bracket-style tournament. Host Anthony Watts and guests H. Sterling Burnett, Linnea Lueken, and Jim Lakely will vote on which myth they believe is the most misleading or harmful.

Viewer votes left during the live broadcast will count too, so make sure to tune in live for this episode!

The myth with the most votes advances to the next round until only one remains.

Tune in and join the competition as we break down these myths and share the facts about climate change.

Get ready for a thrilling and educational episode!

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