Prominent physicist warns that wind power “fails on every count”

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By Paul Homewood

I thoroughly recommend reading this report. It is only three pages long and is succinct:

London, 23 March – A prominent physicist has warned that the UK is facing the likelihood of a failure in the electricity supply and calls for a reset of national energy policy.

Professor Wade Allison, of the University of Oxford, says that the government is ignoring overwhelming evidence of the inadequacy of wind power and resorting to bluster rather than reasoned analysis.

Professor Allison says:
“Whichever way you look at it, wind power is inadequate. It is intermittent and unreliable; it is exposed and vulnerable; it is weak with a short life-span.”

Professor Allison’s warning is set out in a short paper entitled 
The Inadequacy of Wind Power (pdf), published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

I am highlighting two of his graphs.

The first shows how variable wind power is across Europe as a whole, contrary to the renewable lobby’s spin that it is always windy somewhere:

The second focuses on UK offshore wind, which as I have often pointed out is not as reliable as we are led to believe: