Jacob Nordangård: UN/WEF openly planning to use the CO2 scam to control us | Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson

Jacob Nordangård is a Swedish researcher, author, lecturer, and musician.

Ph.D. in Technology and Social Change at Linköping University. Master of Social Science in Geography, and Master of Social Science in Culture and Media Production.

Founder and chairman of the Swedish foundation Stiftelsen Pharos and CEO of the independent publishing and media production company Pharos Media Productions.

Has previously worked as graphic designer, editor, media producer, press officer, politician, and Senior lecturer at the universities of Linköping, Jönköping, and Stockholm.

He is also the band leader, singer and songwriter of the doom metal band Wardenclyffe, with lyrics inspired by his research. His dissertation was issued with a soundtrack and his latest books are available with optional CD singles as soundtrack.

Jacob’s blog: https://blog.jacobnordangard.se/
Jacob’s books (not on Amazon): https://www.pharosmedia.se/shop#!/jac…
Jacob at Northern Light Convention, 2022, 54 minutes: • Jacob Nordengård …
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JacobNordangard
UN: Our Common Agenda https://www.un.org/en/common-agenda

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