Claim: Climate Skeptics Have Long Intimidated Scientists from Full Disclosure

From Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

All the muted climate claims of previous years apparently represent climate scientists holding back for fear of intimidation.

Years of climate scepticism have done untold damage

Erroneous claims, scientific caution and poor media coverage held back policymaking on global warming


Switzerland is generally feeble at making global headlines.

I say “we” have failed to act, but that is not quite right. Those determined to preserve an overwhelmingly fossil-fuelled economy bear an outsized responsibility. And this week has been a reminder that others are not blame-free. That includes those of us in the news media and, to some extent, the UN body that delivered Monday’s report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Bob Carter, an Australian geologist, scoffed that the climate had always changed; there was nothing odd about recent warming and trying to end it was as pointless as trying to stop an earthquake. This would be unimaginable today. Likewise, it is bracing to look back at an editorial a few days later in the Las Vegas Review-Journal headlined “Global warming alarmists push false premises”.

An absorbing new insider’s account suggests the impact on scientists was real. In his book, Five Times Faster, former UK government climate adviser Simon Sharpe reveals that, far from exaggerating the climate threat, scientists have often shied away from giving governments worst-case scenarios.

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I’m shocked at the accusation. WUWT doesn’t intimidate alarmist climate scientists, we encourage them to speak their minds, so we can entertain our readers with all their wildly wrong predictions. How much fun would we have missed, if climate scientists kept all their end of world fantasies bottled up?