Weather Disasters Getting Deadlier, Say Experts, As Death Tolls Plummet!


By Paul Homewood

Every year official agencies like the UN and WMO tell us that weather disasters keep getting more frequent. Their evidence, they say, comes from the disaster database WM-DAT.

And every year I and others inconveniently point out that the apparent increase is not due to disasters becoming more common, but that we are now much better at recording them.

EM-DAT know this full well, because they wrote about it in their Annual Review for 2006:

Critics have hit back by noting that the number of deaths from weather disasters has massively shrunk over the years, something EM-DAT admit themselves, hardly supporting those hysterical claims of the UN.

How Dare We Criticise The Experts!

EM-DAT were not having this. So in their new review for 2022, they wrote this:

In short, they argue that if we exclude all of those mega disasters, the mortality trends have actually been increasing. Take that, you stupid deniers!

But what they fail to point out is that the number of recorded disasters has been rising exponentially since 1900, for reasons already outlined. If they worked the average number of deaths per disaster, they would see a drastic reduction.

The death toll appears to be rising for the same reason as the number of disasters does, the fact that we now religiously record them all, something we have only been doing since the 1990s. And, as their chart also shows, the death toll has been declining since then.

To be fair they do acknowledge this problem, and advise that it is “impossible to draw conclusions”:

But that does not stop them from publishing these sort of misleading charts year after year, or allowing the UN to use them to spout lies.