As German Economy Reels, Chancellor Promises Going Green Will Lead To “Economic Miracle”!

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By P Gosselin on 10. March 2023

Drugged up on Green dope… As Germany reels from a deep economic crisis driven by green policies, Chancellor Scholz promises a green economic wonder!

Fantasies of a green economic miracle. Image generated by DALL e 2

Chancellor makes a rosy prediction

Now that large companies like BASF have announced plans to move operations out of Germany and multitudes of small businesses are facing bankruptcy due to high energy prices, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (Socialist Party) has announced that investments in climate protection will bring Germany an “economic miracle”!

The comments, however, have led others to question whether the chancellor is still in touch with reality. Germany’s economy is groaning under recession, high inflation and a precarious energy supply.

Promises or fantasies?

“Chancellor Olaf Scholz is now promising a new economic miracle through investment in climate protection, regardless of the miserable economic situation in which the Federal Republic finds itself,” reports Germany’s new, critical online news site,, which calls Scholz’s vision “absurd”.

“Because of the high investments in climate protection, Germany will be able to achieve growth rates for some time, as last seen in the 1950s and 1960s,” said the Chancellor.

Scholz also promises that the green economy will lead to a jobs machine and predicted “there will be a shortage of workers.”

German economy currently in trouble

But Pleiteticker reminds that things have in reality been developing very differently.

“Real wages most recently fell by 3.7 percent in 2022 compared with the same quarter of the previous year. At the same time, consumer prices rose by 8.6 percent, while food and energy prices increased by around 20 percent. Economists expect German GDP to fall in the first quarter of 2023, which would be the second time in a row – a recession. Major German companies, most recently BASF, are leaving the country.”

Spiraling energy inflation

“And every German citizen feels the fatal economic situation every day at the cash register or with the heating/ and electricity bill. So what world does Scholz live in to now claim that the problems will practically solve themselves? It’s probably the same world in which bakers don’t go bankrupt, they just stop working, ” Pleiteticker comments further.

Last September, German Economics Minister, Robert Habeck (Green Party), told a stunned national television audience that “companies won’t really go bankrupt, they’ll just stop producing.”

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