Cinderella Citizens: ARD Public Broadcasting Expects Regular Germans To Eat Worms, Live In Squalor

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By P Gosselin on 4. March 2023

Privileged ARD German Public Television journalist Anja Reschke wants to turn Germans into worm-eaters, to save the planet. From paternalism to abuse. 

Generously funded, spoiled ARD public television treats its regular viewers like Cinderellas who are to be exploited, to live in squalor and eat worms instead of meat. AI generated image by DALL E 2. 

Hat-tip: By Daniel Matissek, AUF 1

Germany’s ARD public broadcasting network is funded to the tune of more than eight billion euros by compulsory fees levied on every German household each year.

But the network has gone far beyond its original charter of keeping the public informed and educated, and now appears to have even drifted past being an paternalistic institution with the self-assigned role of properly upbringing the masses of the working uncouth.

Let them eat worms

Today, if the latest is anything to go by, it seems the massive ARD network has gone yet a step further and now sees its viewers as Cinderellas who are to be exploited and relegated to live under forsaken conditions. Not long ago one highly paid and pampered ARD commentator even gleefully welcome the energy price shocks and seemed glad that the uncouth masses would soon have to wear rags and live in attics. “That’s good!” said Detlef Flintz.

The latest comes from ARD left-wing know-it-all Anja Reschke who appeared in the early evening program “Wissen vor Acht” (Knowledge before Eight) with a new nutrition tip for those who don’t want to wean themselves off “climate- destroying” meat: They can can simply grow worm meat in their “kitchens of tomorrow”.

“Round and juicy” after 6 weeks!

In the ARD show, Reschke demonstrates how worms can be grown and then fattened in six to eight weeks until they become “round and juicy”.

Then all they have to do is put them in the freezer “and later they can be processed into minced meat,” says the leftie journalist Reschke. Supposedly, the plant yields 200 to 500 grams of meat per week, but uses “only a fraction of the land, food and water compared to cattle or pig farming,” Reschke enthuses.

While a kilogram of beef produces around 70 kilos of CO2, a kilo of worm meat produces “just under three kilos.”

People will just have to get over their disgust 

There’s only one obstacle: We only have to “overcome our disgust against insects as food, because insects surely belong on the menu of the future,” says Rescke. It just takes a little getting used to, Reschke seems to imply as she and her dim-witted daughters at the ARD ready themselves for the royal evening ball.

Meat eaters like “consumers of child pornography”

“This is no April Fools joke,” writes AUF 1. The ARD is dead serious about it: “This madness is meant dead-seriously. The climate mania serves to encourage people in all seriousness to eat vermin in order to save the world.”

Deutschlandfunk, also a part of the massive German public broadcasting organization, recently compared meat eaters to “consumers of child pornography”.

Wow! Even Cinderella’s evil stepmother never went that far.