It’s the Greatest Crime Scene in History — For the first time the healthy employed are worse off than the unemployed

By Jo Nova

Ed Dowd is the former BlackRock executive, who has been drawing attention to the excess death data. As a Wall Street trader he likes to find and arbitrage the realities that aren’t well known so he can bet against the realities that aren’t real. And so he found himself last year looking at death trends that were off the charts. At this point the trader turned into a human trying to warn hundreds of CEO’s of insurance companies (among others) but they did not want to know…

Of the 3.2 million newly disabled in the USA, it’s remarkable (though sad) that 1.7 million came from the employed sector. Normally working people are the healthiest group — but since February 2021 their disability rate is up 31%. That compares to a rise of just 9% across the “general population”. And in a complete turnaround — those who quit or got fired — normally the sickest ones — their disability rate rose only 4%.

So something changed. What could it be, we wonder, that took place in 2021 and caused more of those who stayed in their jobs to become disabled. Why was quitting work or being fired a seeming benefit to your health… unless it was medical experiments mandated by bosses?

His interview with Tucker Carlson is well worth watching.  It’s food for the soul to see good men solving problems. And that’s even though they’re discussing death, corruption and fraud. There’s something hopeful about this that suggests that honest smart players are finding their feet.

Tucker and Dowd also discuss the effect this era has had on them, how he deals with fear, why this is the third time in his life he has gone against the flow, and he called it right the last two times. (The BlackRock fund he managed made billions.)

As he says: We’ve never seen these kinds of excess deaths and yet we’re not even talking about it.

During Covid we had ticker tallies of daily deaths, but not any more. It’s very telling that they stopped counting.

The official statistics on disability:

Disability in the general population has been gradually rising (2009 – 2023)

General population with a disability (BLS Data)

Something drastic happens to the rate of disabilities among people who were employed during 2021:

Employed with a disability (BLS Data)

Graphs from the St Louis Fed Reserve, via Ed Dowd who says:

Don’t need a PhD or Wall Street background to see something changed here or to see from eyeballing these 2 charts that the employed disabilities are rising faster than the general population due to vaccine mandates.

This is a sick joke at this point. Institutions will be razed.

h/t William Astley, Another Ian, Tim. Scott of the Pacific, and Stephen Neil.