Hiding behind teenage girls again — so they can’t be ridiculed for saying silly things

By Jo Nova

The Pagan Witchdoctors send forth their girlie pawns

The science is so overwhelming they need 16 year old girls to evangelize for them. The girls are human shields sent to deliver the agitprop and protect it from scrutiny. If a man asks a girl a hard question they’re a misogynist, and if a women does, she’s rude. Grown-ups can’t even laugh at their transparent hypocrisy. That’s bullying you know, say the same people who call half the world “climate-deniers”.

Izzy Cook is the 16 year old version of Greta Thunberg in New Zealand. She unraveled spectacularly as a political leader and a climate star during a radio interview last September. Right after telling everyone that it wasn’t really necessary for people to travel to Fiji because of the climate crisis, Izzy Cook had to admit under questioning that she had just got back from a flight to Fiji. Interviewer Heather du Plessis-Allant laughed out loud at her vapor-thin dedication to the cause. As anyone would.

Apparently Izzy couldn’t really get out of the trip because her parents wanted her to go. Well, shucks.

But now some government Watchdog in New Zealand has declared it was an unfair joke and the broadcaster was reprimanded and has apologized. Apparently the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) thinks radio interviewers must not deter “passionate young people” from making fantasy declarations and issuing vaporous wish lists live to air. Who knew —  thousands of listeners be damned — it’s the job of interviewers to train the next activists?

You, silly thing, thought you were listening to the radio to be informed…

It’s time to ask why New Zealand needs the BSA? Just another Big Government censor to tell journalists what they  can say and interfere with what New Zealanders are allowed to hear as well.

Judge for yourself: Who is exploiting the children here? The one who set her up to play in adult politics or the one who asks the questions her mother should have asked…

Teenage climate activist ‘unfairly ridiculed’ by radio interviewer

By Andrea Hamblin, The Telegraph

Broadcaster reprimanded by watchdog for questioning travel methods of Izzy Cook, New Zealand’s answer to Greta Thunberg

New Zealand’s Greta Thunberg, who flew to Fiji for a holiday, was unfairly “ridiculed” by a journalist who questioned the teenager’s travel, a watchdog has ruled.

Ms Cook replies it was “ironic” but says she could not “really get out of it because my parents wanted to go”.

Her mother made her go to Fiji, forgot to tell her not to put the holiday shots on social media, then lined up the interviews and follows-up with “righteous indignation”. Perhaps she should be doing the interviews herself?

Ms Cook’s mother Rose Cook said it was her idea for her daughter to take the family holiday. She had “listened in horror” as the journalist “appeared to be bullying” her daughter.

Du Plessis-Allan viewed the teenage activist’s social media profiles to “discredit her personally and derail the conversation about climate action”, Mrs Cook said.

“Izzy does what she does because she cares… I try to help by proofreading and preparing her for media interviews where I can,” Mrs Cook said.

New Zealand Media and Entertainment [NZME], the owner of Newstalk ZB has apologized to Ms Cook.

The BCA want to scare talk-back radio hosts into softball promotion of the BCA’s favourite silly ideas, but they’ve just revived and spread the train-wreck interview, so even more people will hear it. The interview was played all over the world last September. That can’t be good for Izzy. But it might work out for Newstalk ZB.

On twitter, the most common reply is “and they want to give 16 years olds the vote”.

New Zealanders who see biased, offensive, unbalanced and inaccurate reporting can complain to the BSA. New Zealanders who think the BSA is a parasitic Orwellian threat to free speech and decent radio can complain to the Minister of Broadcasting and Media — Willie Jackson.

Young alarmists need lots of safe spaces,
To prevent getting egg on their faces,
As they quickly unravel,
Caught out on air-travel,
To exotic and faraway places.

 — Ruairi