Fake ‘fact-checked’ again: Big Climate can’t explain no US warming since 2005

From JunkScience.com

By Steve Milloy

So Newswise.com shoots at (but misses) the messenger.

The tweet in question is above. Here is the Newswise.com fake “fact-check” (Web | PDF).

There has been no US warming since 2005. That is quite clear from the NOAA graph based on temperature data for January 2005 through January 2023 from the US Climate Reference Network (USCRN).

But here’s what Newswise has to say: Truth is fiction.

Note that Newswise omits the qualifier “US” before “warming” in the highlighted sentence. It even omits “US” ahead of “Climate Reference Network,” as if there is something called the “CRN” vs. the “USCRN”.

Who’s trying to mislead who?

My point is that from January 2005 through January 2023 the US has not warmed despite global emissions worth 30% of total manmade CO2.

Because Big Climate cannot explain that climate narrative failure, they claim I am “contributing to a disinformation campaign.”

I report. You decide.

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