Climate change: short on proof, drowning in nonsense

From Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

Alan Moran of Spectator Australia’s search to find a metric, any metric, which demonstrates the alleged climate disaster.

Climate change: short on proof, drowning in nonsense

Alan Moran

Environmentalism, more particularly its prevalent global warming strain, dominates politics. It is the fourth such banner raised by the disgruntled that has conditioned politics since Medieval times.

Modern-day environmentalism has embraced forms of socialism – newly re-credited following its demise after the fall of the Soviet bloc – as well as having been reinforced by huckster self-interest in subsidies for politically correct energy supplies.

However, we have now seen a decade during which the projected increase in overall global temperatures failed to occur. The first chart below shows global temperature trends falling since 2015 (with CO2 continuing to grow) and the second chart shows a flat temperature trend for Australia since 2012.

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Alan goes on to show graphs for Aussie temperature, global tropical cyclone frequency, climate related death risk, cool season rain, months with < 12mm rain (proxy for drought), annual rainfall, flood records, area of land burned by fires, and coral reef cover (near record).

Well worth a read, and a great antidote for friends suffering from climate anxiety, because they get their climate “facts” from liberal media outlets.