Greenland Temperatures Rose 1°C In 1994 … Since Then They Have Been ‘Relatively Constant’

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From NoTricksZone

By Kenneth Richard on 27. February 2023

A warming event that spans only one year, with decades of stable temperatures before and after, would not appear to align with rapidly rising human CO2 emissions or a gradually rising atmospheric CO2 concentration.

From 1958 to 2020, as CO2 rose from 320 ppm to 410 ppm, Greenland had a warming period of 1°C that lasted one year – 1994. Over the next 26 years (1994-2020) and spanning the years 1958 to 1993, there have been “relatively constant” temperatures across Greenland (Zhang et al., 2022).

These temperature trends appear to align much better with phases of the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), Greenland blocking indexes (GBI), and volcanism better than they do with any anthropogenic causal agents.

Image Source: Zhang et al., 2022

Other scientists have also reported Greenland warming “is not evident” (Hanna et al., 2021Matsumura et al., 2022) in recent decades. Instead, temperature stations document slight cooling trends.

Image Source: Hanna et al., 2021

Image Source: Matsumura et al., 2022