Good News! Jo Nova wins the Dauntless Purveyor of Climate Truth Award 2023

By Jo Nova

What an honor. I am just so humbled to win the Dauntless Award of 2023. I mean apart from the towering giants of the Climate Skeptic world who have already won it, to be on the same page as Walt Cunningham, one of the three Apollo 7 astronauts, who risked their lives for science, is a career highlight. Walt Cunningham helped make NASA what it is, and he could have said nothing, but he became an outspoken skeptic of the way NASA was abusing the trust of the public, and abusing science. He was a fighter pilot and a physicist who flew on the first manned launch after the tragic fire that killed all three astronauts on Apollo 1.  Sadly the world lost Walt only weeks ago.

Thanks to Ric Werne for the photo.

Other Dauntless winners include Dr Jay Lehr (who helped set up the US EPA fifty years ago and then spent decades working to undo that) and legends like Marc Morano (Climate Depot), Professor Fred Singer, and Christopher Monckton. People who I have learnt so much from.

Craig Rucker announces the award from 25.20. From 28 minutes Heartland and CFACT went to so much trouble to make a mini documentary of yours truly. From 33 minutes I accept live from Perth Australia, the other side of the world. Isn’t technology great?

Redpill the world — The NASA heroes the media buries

Donn F. Eisele, Walter M. Schirra, Jr. and Walter Cunningham.

In 2013 I wrote about Walter Cunningham and pointed out four Apollo Astronauts then were outspoken climate skeptics, yet the ABC, BBC and mass media would not even pick up the phone to call them and ask “why?” This is a great RedPill moment to share with people who still think journalists are still journalists, instead of obedient propaganda hacks and weak minions of the powers that be. Where were the real reporters who interviewed Buzz Aldrin or Harrison Schmidt (2 of the 12 men who walked on the moon), or Phil Chapman (Apollo 14) and Walter Cunningham (Apollo 7)?

I asked Walt Cunningham then about journalism. He replied:

No one in the media has ever asked if I was a “skeptic,” although it has always been rather obvious. I have been writing and speaking on the climate and environment since about 2000. The frequent reaction to my writings is: “What can he know about climate science? He’s just an astronaut.”

Check the comments on Larry’s article on our interview.

I was a founder of an environmental concern organization back in 1970. I also spent 5 years on the board of NREL.

Don’t miss the first ten minutes of the video above — a tribute to the excellent men we’ve lost in the last year, not just Walt but also Jay Lehr, Tom Wysmuller, Pat Michaels, and Tim Ball.

I was booked to do a podcast with Jay Lehr in May this year, sadly he too died a week or so after Walt Cunningham in January. I will do one with Tom Nelson soon instead, details coming.

CFACT generously offered to fly me to Florida to accept the award, which I would have been delighted to do, however the US still requires full vaccination for entry. Hard to believe, but true.

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PS: Special thanks to Stan in the Netherlands who sent a card with a heartwarming message but no return address. Message received. 


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