‘Wilful ignorance’ on climate change is making people ‘poorer and weaker’

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Sky News Australia

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says out of vanity and “wilful ignorance” Australia’s political class has decided to make people “poorer and weaker”.

“They’ve decided to get rid of our reliable electricity, electricity that used to be about the cheapest in the world, electricity that made us so rich, that let us set up smelters, and car plants, and factories of all kinds that gave us jobs,” Mr Bolt said.

“And they’re going to get rid of this cheap and reliable electricity without – and get this – without having anything reliable to replace it.”

Mr Bolt said the green projects by the government have “blown their budgets or are years behind”.

“It’s a farce, except there’s nothing funny about it. I mean look at your power bills, are you laughing? Look at the jobs already lost, is that funny?” he said.

“One green scheme after the other, failed or in strife, costing billions more than promised.”