Eating less Meat won’t save the Planet. Here’s Why

What I’ve Learned

Big thanks to Dr. Frank Mitloehner for chatting with me. You can find him on twitter under @GHGGuru


00:00 – Why are people saying Cows are bad for the planet?

1:14 – How much would Americans going plant based actually reduce GHG emissions?

2:56 – Do cows really take all the water?

4:53 – The real problem with water

7:01 – Do Cows really take all our Food?

7:53 – Livestock make the whole food system more efficient.

10:17 – Do Cows really take all our Land?

12:30 – You can’t just grow whatever wherever.

13:54 – Why Global numbers are Misleading

15:45 – United States cattle are super efficient

16:48 – What about methane?

20:52 – Something more worth talking about than meat