CFACT report delivers results: ID lawmakers strongly oppose Lava Ridge Wind Project


By Gabriella Hoffman 

“Idahoans cherish the concept of multiple and mixed uses on their public lands. This requires conservation, predictability of use and, most importantly, support from the local communities. These deep-rooted values are compromised by a piecemeal approach to large-scale generation projects on public lands. Dedicating hundreds of square miles of public lands to a specific use will have a long-term effect on recreation, grazing, sporting uses and the land in general.”— Letter from Idaho Lawmakers opposing Lava Ridge- February 6th

In Episode 340 of District of Conservation, Gabriella updates listeners on the latest updates on the proposed Lava Ridge Wind Project in southern Idaho and Senator Daines’ being temporarily banned–then reinstated — on Twitter over his profile picture featuring a Pronghorn antelope harvest. Tune in!

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Photo Credit: CFACT “Conservation Nation” / Madison Hughes


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