Morano on Gorka: “An insane ideology has infected our modern society”


Watch: Morano talks ‘climate justice’ & effort to restrict anesthesia to save climate: ‘This is an insane ideology that has infected our modern society’

Broadcast Feb. 6, 2022 – AMERICA First with Sebastian Gorka

Broadcast Feb. 6, 2022 – AMERICA First with Sebastian Gorka

Watch: Morano goes on epic rant about Anthony Fauci cashing in on his fame from pushing authoritarian COVID lockdowns – Morano: “You cannot find a man who has been more disastrous to modern western society than Anthony Fauci.”


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Restrict anesthesia to save climate – Harvard Med to ‘Integrate Climate’ Into M.D. Curriculum & American Cancer Society Frets ‘carbon footprint of cancer care’

Restrictions on anesthesia next?! New Study suggests ‘lowering the flow of anesthetic gas’ in patients to save planet – 1 hour of surgical anesthesia equivalent to driving as many as 470 miles

Jane Fonda links the ‘climate crisis’ to racism: ‘Everything’s connected’ – ‘There’d be no climate crisis if it wasn’t for racism’

Climate Religion: Egypt’s Mount Sinai to receive ‘Climate Justice Ten Commandments’ during UN summit – Interfaith ‘Climate Repentance Ceremonies’

Fauci merges COVID & Climate: Infectious diseases ‘largely the result’ of human ‘encroachment on nature’ & ‘often aided by climate changes’ – Published in New England Journal of Medicine

‘The data is racist!’ Rhode Island professor denounces ‘science, statistics, and technology’ as ‘inherently racist’

Identity politics invades climate change debate

Academics pursue project to ‘Decolonize Physics’ – ‘We aim to critically investigate if & how physics itself has contributed & still contributes to colonialism’


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