Reuters finally fake fact-checks Milloy’s 13 million-view tweet

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By Steve Milloy

Reuters finally joins TwitterAssociated PressAustralian Associated Press and in fake fact-checking my monster 13 million-view tweet about no warming since 2015.

Here is Reuters’ fake fact check (Web | PDF).

Reuters fake fact check is like the others, claiming that I cherry-picked a timeframe and that time frame unfairly represents the long-term warming trend.

That’s all just lies.

1. The global warming con is that greenhouse gas emissions are warming the planet and that every emission warms the planet.

2. That is obviously not true as we have just completed 8 years and 5 months with no warming despite 475 billion tons of emissions worth about 14% of total manmade CO2.

3. Of course there is a long-term warming trend, but it most recently commenced around 1650 at the bottom of the Little Ice Age, before coal plants, SUVs and cheeseburgers.

4. But there is no warming that can be associated with emissions. What we have, at least in recent decades, is a step-wise warming driven by El Nino, not emissions.

Clearly, the point I made has panicked Big Climate. Thank you Reuters Fact Check for showing us what liars you are.