Green Hypocrites: Ancient Rainforests Being Stripped To Make Way For Hundreds of Wind Turbines


The wind industry is the Grand Master of green hypocrisy; leaving a wake of environmental destruction, wherever it plies its subsidy-soaked trade.

In the Scottish Highlands, so far, they’ve wiped out over 14 million trees, spread over more than 17,000 acres to clear the way for thousands of these industrial monstrosities; and, no, they don’t replant them – any sizeable tree is an impediment to ‘productivity’, as it interferes with airflow and reduces wind speeds, and therefore wind power output. So, once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Germany’s Black Forest has been overrun, with chainsaws, bulldozers and blazing torches paving the way for our so-called ‘green’ energy transition.

And hundreds of ancient oaks in its thousand-year-old Fairytale Forest, the Reinhardswald, are under threat of being felled and shredded, for the same reason.

Once upon a time, environmentalists were known as ‘tree huggers’, these days the new ‘green’ cult can’t destroy them fast enough.

Which brings us to northern Queensland’s dryland tropical forests, which like their northern hemisphere counterparts, are all for the chop, if Queensland’s wind and solar obsessed government has its way.

Fight for no-wind position: Tablelands residents in battle to stop project
The Weekend Post
Krintina Puliak
21 January 2023

The fate of a controversial clean energy project on the Atherton Tablelands now hinges on federal approval after getting a green light from the state government, but a core group of concerned locals has not given up the fight.

More than a thousand submissions have been made by residents protesting the proposed wind farm fringing a declared Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, 15km from Ravenshoe.

Ark Energy, a subsidiary of Epuron, plans to build the Chalumbin Wind Farm which received state government approvals last June, but the project has encountered fierce community opposition since its inception.

An area of 32,000ha, considered high-value wildlife habitat zone, will be required to erect 86 wind turbines with a generation capacity of 602 megawatts of clean renewable energy.

The proposed turbines will be approximately 250m high.

Rainforest Reserves Australia president Carolyn Emms stressed the importance of the wildlife that would be affected if destruction of habitat was to take place.

“The proposed (area) is critical koala, broodfrog, greater glider habitat (and) the wrong place for an industrial wind hub,” she said.

“Petitions against the proposal were submitted. Over 450 submissions were then posted off to Canberra, but overall there would have been well over 1,000 submissions.”

Last October, Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen Mick de Brenni said the locations for the Kaban Wind Farm and the proposed Chalumbin Wind Farm were the subject of stringent environmental approvals.

Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter thought it was a “disgrace” that this would be considered.

“What’s happening here is they are taking a native wonderland and turning it into a mess,” he said.

“Usually I’m fighting for development. But this is not development. If you think cutting down trees makes C02 for energy then you’d be wrong.”

The Weekend Post

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