The teen turning down championships for the planet


By Paul Homewood

You can always trust the BBC to promote its climate agenda to the kids who Newsbeat is aimed at:

At 16 years old, athlete Innes FitzGerald is racing to help the planet.

The promising long-distance runner has turned down the chance to compete in the World Cross Country Championships.

Her reasoning? The contest is in Australia, thousands of miles from her home in Devon. Innes says she cannot justify flying in a climate crisis.

“I had to make a move. I had to do something just to make sure people were aware of the problem,” she says.

“I just thought I needed to do something,” Innes tells BBC Newsbeat.

“So when I had the opportunity to go to Australia, I was like, well, this is when I should say something.”

Meanwhile the Telegraph highlights the hypocrisy of the greens:


I sincerely hope that young Innes quickly grows up and realises that she should be making the most of her talent while she is still young enough.

As for the wretched BBC pushing their climate emergency agenda amongst kids, they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. A world without international sport would be a much sadder place.