AAT Hearing about Hyping Maximum Daily Temperature – Friday 3rd February

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From Jennifer Marohasy

By jennifer

We, the Australian public, are continually told by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology that global temperatures need to be restricted to within 1.5C above the pre-industrial era. Further the Bureau attributes the ‘dramatically increased rate of observed hot record breaking in recent Australian temperatures’ to human-caused global warming.

But what if at least some of this warming was natural, and what if the other component could be attributed to how the temperatures are now recorded – with probes in electronic weather stations replacing mercury thermometers – and then there is the remodelling through the process of homogenisation.

To some extent the Bureau documents the extent of the remodelling that has the technical name homogenisation, but the Bureau has never made public the extent of the discrepancy between temperatures as recorded from mercury thermometers versus the new electronic automatic weather stations.

Work that I have undertaken with John Abbot shows that even without the industrial revolution there would have been a temperature increase of about 1C through the 20th Century.

The limited parallel data that I secured from the Bureau, following the intervention of Josh Frydenberg back in 2017, shows that the probe within the automatic weather station often records 0.4C warmer than the mercury thermometer for the same weather.

The AAT hearing on Friday is about the need to make the parallel data public, so we can know how much of recent warming can be directly attributed to the change in how temperatures are measured.

And for those wishing to attend the AAT hearing, details are:

APPLICANT: John William Abbot RESPONDENT: Director of Meteorology
This application has been listed as shown below:
Date: Time: Location:
Contact Officer: Jessica S
Friday, 3 February 2023
10:00AM (Qld time)
Please proceed to Level 6 Reception Address: 295 Ann St

You may need to register in advance to be allowed into the hearing.


Dr John Abbot is an IPA Senior Fellow.

Dr Jennifer Marohasy will be appearing as an expert witness.

The feature image was taken by Craig Kelly and features in an article in today’s The Daily Telegraph by Clarissa Bye entitled ‘Bit hot and bothered? BoM silent on suspect solar panel shift’. It quotes me querying why the BoM temporarily placed a solar panel near the weather station for Sydney Observatory, specifically when it appeared this weather station was recording a run of record cool days.