Blockbuster claims in video of Pfizer executive — making mutant viruses, capturing official agencies

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By Jo Nova

UPDATE: Pfizer have responded! Wow. They don’t even mention the unwitting informant Jordon Walker, thus suggesting he is one their own. They deny they do Gain of Function or Directed Evolution, but admit “we have conducted research where the original SARS-CoV-2 virus has been used to express the spike protein from new variants of concern.” AND: “In a limited number of cases when a full virus does not contain any known gain of function [GOF] mutations, such virus may be engineered to enable the assessment of antiviral activity in cells”. 

Pfizer are admitting to adding GOF mutations, and to mixing the new spike and old nasty virus!

Are they not saying they engineer viruses — starting with the original Wuhan virus and adding the new spike from new “variants of concern”? The new Omicron variants have incredibly well evolved spikes that are so much more infectious than the original variant, but the Omicron virus “in toto” is much less dangerous than the original Wu-Flu. So by mixing the old nasty variant with the new spike, they could be playing with a virus that has the worst of both? How’s that for “potent”?

In the second quote they are admitting they engineer and add “Gain of Function” mutations to a full virus in order to blah blah blah… Is that not exactly what the accusations are suggesting?

And it’s being done in BSL3 labs, not the most secure BSL4?

One way or the other, it’s setting the internet on fire.

Project Veritas has footage of a Pfizer executive bragging on camera about utterly reckless profit-seeking immoral behaviour and corruption at the highest level. If this is what it appears, it’s dynamite. It’s almost “too good”.

Jordon Trishton Walker appears to be the Director, Worldwide R&D Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning.  In the video he candidly discusses how Pfizer are talking of creating mutant Covid viruses. Walker is utterly cavalier about the risks, he brags about the profits, and also claims Pfizer has complete captured the regulatory agencies. “It’s a cash cow”.

The video was released Thursday, but within hours, it was hard to independently verify who this man was. As impressive as Project Veritas’ record is, what if this was a Pfizer sting instead? James O’Keefe from Project Veritas offered some internal Pfizer Documents. But Walker doesn’t seem very old, articulate or particularly smart enough to be a glorious high level director of Pfizer. He speaks far too easily, as if he’s never met the company’s lawyers. Other strange things were happening, like his Linked in account, had disappeared off the internet and for an hour or so The Daily Mail covered the story, then their article disappeared without a word (a copy was archived here). The internet was being “scrubbed”. No other news outlets were mentioning it. The censorship, though, suggested he was the real deal. If he wasn’t, Pfizer would surely have said so?  Brian OShea went on a hunt for information to confirm Walkers identity, and pieced together a timeline of his career. But Walker has a very strange career path — so strange, I’ll write more on that soon. One way or another careers hang in the balance…

When caught, Walker said he was lying to “impress a date”. And perhaps he was exaggerating and embellishing. Nothing he claims here is necessarily true or verified yet.

Today Tucker Carlson has weighed in (see that segment below). Pfizer have not denied that Walker is who he says or that anything he said was false.  They have not responded at all to repeated requests for answers, but suspiciously they apparently quietly shut down comments on some of their social media accounts.

Dramatically, James O’Keefe says that other insiders at Pfizer are coming forward as whistleblowers today. If so, this could be a game-changer. He has also released more footage of Walker getting violent  and trying to smash the tablet when he finds out it was recorded (see that, far below).

This video is now up to 18 million views on Twitter after little more than a day and a half. When will the news media investigate?

Must watch. Pfizer exec explains how Pfizer is mutating the Covid virus to create new variants so it can sell new vaccines and the regulators turn a blind eye because they are going to work for Pfizer. It’s good for us but bad for everyone else he says laughing.

 Rebecca Weisser

Robert F Kennedy says:

Amazing reporting by James O’Keefe showing us what we already knew: Pfizer is a craven venal homicidal morally bankrupt criminal enterprise that has captured and corrupted its regulators.

Hot quotes from Jordon Walker:

Pfizer may be talking about mutating Covid…

  •  “One of the things we’re exploring is like, why don’t we just mutate it [COVID] ourselves so we could create — preemptively develop new vaccines, right? So, we have to do that. If we’re gonna do that though, there’s a risk of like, as you could imagine — no one wants to be having a pharma company mutating f**king viruses.”

It’s not Gain of Function experiments on Covid, it’s just “directed evolution” to make it more potent:

  • No, no, no, no. Though directed evolution is very different. Well, you’re not supposed to do gain of function research with the viruses. They recommend not. But you do things like selected directional mutations to try to see if you can make more . So there is research ongoing about that. I don’t know how that’s going work. There better not be any more outbreaks, because like Jesus Christ.

Pfizer are just trying to save lives right?

  • “Don’t tell anyone. Promise you won’t tell anyone. The way it [the experiment] would work is that we put the virus in monkeys, and we successively cause them to keep infecting each other, and we collect serial samples from them.”

By the way, Covid was a lab leak from Wuhan:

  • “You have to be very controlled to make sure that this virus [COVID] that you mutate doesn’t create something that just goes everywhere. Which, I suspect, is the way that the virus started in Wuhan, to be honest. It makes no sense that this virus popped out of nowhere. It’s bullsh*t.”

And we wouldn’t want to create another pandemic like that last one:

  • “From what I’ve heard is they [Pfizer scientists] are optimizing it [COVID mutation process], but they’re going slow because everyone is very cautious — obviously they don’t want to accelerate it too much. I think they are also just trying to do it as an exploratory thing because you obviously don’t want to advertise that you are figuring out future mutations.”

On capturing government agencies

From Project Veritas comes the claim that Pfizer has the government agencies under its command by offering jobs to everyone in the agency after they have approved the drugs Pfizer wants them to approve:

Walker went on to explain how Big Pharma and government officials, such as at the Food & Drug Administration [FDA], have mutual interests, and how that is not in the best interest of the American people:

Walker: [Big Pharma] is a revolving door for all government officials.

Veritas Journalist: Wow.

Walker: In any industry though. So, in the pharma industry, all the people who review our drugs — eventually most of them will come work for pharma companies. And in the military, defense government officials eventually work for defense companies afterwards. …

Veritas Journalist: How do you feel about that revolving door?

Walker: It’s pretty good for the industry to be honest. It’s bad for everybody else in America.

Veritas Journalist: Why is it bad for everybody else?

Walker: Because when the regulators reviewing our drugs know that once they stop regulating, they are going to work for the company, they are not going to be as hard towards the company that’s going to give them a job.

We already knew we should raze those agencies.

Tucker Carlson

If legit, Pfizer is admitted their vaccines can’t keep up with viral evolution

At 16:20  Robert Malone points out that Pfizer are repeating the kind of risky work that was being done in Wuhan. (It’s that bad). But also that they have made a big admission here –“This is an acknowledgement of defeat”, he says. They’re saying that even with the new mRNA technology they can’t keep up with the virus’s evolution. They’re trying to jump ahead with “directed evolution” which is a way of not saying “Gain of Function”. It’s a desperate measure to outdo the virus. (Showing that vaccines were never the right solution to a rapidly evolving coronavirus, and antivirals were always the better solution.)

The idea that Pfizer are mutating things in “advance” to try to beat the virus and develop the next vaccine seems suspiciously futile. There are so many ways this virus could change — there are 29,000 bases to mutate, in every combination and permutation, and we won’t know which are truly successful mutations until they get tested in real people. Some can be guesstimated with testing in humanized mice that carry copies of human proteins like ACE2 receptors. But how realistic is it to make 5,000 different vaccines “just in case”? Perhaps the combinations and permutations can be reduced enough to make this viable. Maps of mutations in the genome of the virus (below) show that some points are hot-spots, and other points hardly vary because they are too essential to viral fertility.

These are the rate of mutations that occur naturally at each of the 29,000 base pairs since 2020

The spikes in the graph below show the parts of the viral genome that have mutated the fastest, but also show which parts of the virus are so important they do not mutate (changes at these sites are presumably “fatal” for the virus). It still seems a desperate and daunting task for Pfizer to out-do what is already occurring all over the world in millions of people with covid.

Click to enlarge. Source — Nextstrain. Scroll down, mouseover their graph for more detail.

Desperation: Walker descends into violence

When Walker realizes he’s been recorded, he loses it. He says he was lying “to impress a date”. Then calls the police and won’t let them leave, and then tries to destroy their tablet. He even tries to stop a car from leaving which he thinks has the Project Veritas team in.

He is flummoxed, caught in the headlights, but aware this is terrible:

James O’Keefe gives an update today on Steve Bannon’s War Room

In this interview below, O’Keefe explains that Pfizer has not responded except to shut down comments on their social media accounts. But most encouragingly new Pfizer whistleblowers are appearing and he believes that the path forward is with insiders coming forward:

In the original sting Walker was apparently talking to a former Pfizer worker (according to O’Keefe in the Bannon interview), which might explain why he let his guard down. Presumably he’s gay because his date is a man.

There will be so much more to say on this…

h/t Lance, Scott of the Pacific, Jill J, John Connor II, Charles, Leo G, Honk R Smith, Tides of Mudgee. Bill in AZ, George Christiansen from NationFirst, @Rebeccaweisser.